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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Meet the Governors


What do we do?

At Wylye Valley School there are twelve governors who meet as a full board once a month and together make up the governing body. We come from different backgrounds and include parents, teachers, members of the local church community and a ‘specialist’ appointed by the Local Authority. We work in partnership with the Headteacher in the leadership of the school.

We set the vision and values for the school, and ensure that all the policies and procedures that guide the school are up to date and relevant. The daily management of the school is the responsibility of the Headteacher.

As a church school our Foundation Governors ensure that the school is meeting the expectations of SIAMS (Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools).


There are three sub-groups which meet at regular intervals to monitor progress, review policies and make recommendations. These are:

  • Resources
  • Teaching & Learning
  • Strategic Leadership Group


Our primary role is to help the school provide the best possible education for our pupils and we aim to do this as follows:

We think and work strategically to help raise standards
We are there to ensure the school is focused on raising standards of achievement and that it sets high expectations so that all our children reach their potential.

To do this we help to provide the framework for how the Headteacher and staff should run the school through:

  • Deciding what the school wants to achieve (the vision) and making plans to get there.
  • Ensuring there are systems in place to check progress is being made.
  • Helping to set the school’s policies and keeping these under review.
  • Ensuring that the curriculum is balanced and broadly based and that our Christian values underpin all that we do.
  • Ensuring effective use of resources to achieve the school’s priorities, including approving how the budget should be spent.


We monitor and evaluate progress towards the school’s priorities and targets

Periodically, we review the Wiltshire Tracker which is used to monitor standardised pupil results.  The headteacher’s report gives us further information and updates, relating to staff training and professional development.

We support the head and staff as well as challenge their expectations – called being a ‘critical friend’

One of our key roles is to support the Headteacher and the staff – the phrase often used to describe this role is ‘a critical friend’.

In this role we are there to recognise and celebrate the achievements of the school and understand any challenges staff and pupils may be facing.  We provide support and encouragement for agreed developments.

We try to strike an appropriate balance between support and challenge.

We are accountable to all stakeholders for the school’s overall performance and for the decisions we make.

As schools have a responsibility for the education and well-being of pupils and are spending public money, there needs to be accountability.

We are required to promote high standards of educational achievement. 

We must be prepared to account for the school’s overall performance and explain its decisions and actions to anyone who has a legitimate interest e.g. Ofsted, the Diocese, the Local Authority.


If you would like to know more about our role as governors in the running of the school, please let us know.



Name & Appointment

Attendance at FGB meetings

Sept 2020 to Sept 2021

Contact details:

Mrs Fran Langston

Clerk to the Governors

Mr Robert Barnes

Head Teacher, Governor

Mrs Tessa Bucknall - Chair of Governors

Pending Foundation Governor Application

To September 2023

Mrs Sue Bray

Foundation Governor & SEND Link Governor, Teaching 

& Learning Committee

To September 2022

Mr Nick Foote

Local Authority Governor, Chair of Teaching & Learning


To July 2021

Reverend Jayne Buckles

Ex Officio Foundation Governor

To July 2022

Mrs Lynn Paul

Staff Governor

To September 2021

Mr Howard Nichol

Associate Governor-Strategic Planning, Resources 


To April 2023

Mrs Mary Guiver

SL Foundation Governor & Pupil Premium Link Governor

Teaching & Learning Committee

To September 2022

Mrs Vincie Abbott

Codford Foundation Governor, Teaching & Learning Committee

To June 2021

Mrs Marjoleine Butler

Foundation Governor, Chair of Resources Committee

To March 2022

Mr Steve Carr

Parent Governor, Resources Committee

To October 2023


Mrs Natalie Fairhead

Parent Governor, Resources Committee

To October 2023

Foundation Governor Vacancy  


Governors that have stepped down in the last 12 months 
Tom Thornton - Stepped down July 2019
Dave Spence - Stepped down September 2019



WVS Scheme of Delegation 2018-19

Register of Interests Governing Board Wylye Valley School