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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

EYFS - Little Einsteins

Home Learning


If your child is not at school, perhaps due to illness or shielding, we are using the The National Oak Academy as our online Home Learning provision.


The lessons can be found at:


On this page, select your child's year group and then you will be provided with the Maths, English and Foundation subject lessons for each day.


If you should have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher. 

Class Overview

Term 6 Week 4

Monday 22nd June 2020

Hello children, 

I hope you are all well and enjoying the challenges that I have set for you to do at home. Don't forget to send me some photos of what you've been up to for our class page.


Tell your parents that if you need to contact me for anything, don't hesitate to phone or email. 


Take Care Love Mrs Baker


Term 6 Week 3

Monday 15th June 2020


Hello children! 

This week we will continue with our woodlands theme, let's see what we can find in the deep mysterious Wylye woods. 

Last week we looked for bear clues and a long the way found more minibeasts.

This week we shall go on an adventure with the Gruffalo's child.


Please use the video link below if you don't have the book at home. 

Term 6 Week 2

Monday 8th June 2020


Hello Little Einsteins

Let's hope that there's more sunshine than showers this week.

Take care everyone and keep a look out for some more photos that I will upload onto our class page soon.


Love Mrs Baker


Bear hunt week! 

Term 6 Week 1

Monday 1st June 2020


Welcome back everyone!

I trust that you all had a great half term holiday and made the most of the glorious sunshine.

Mrs Owen, Mrs Cutler and myself have planned activities linked to the support sent home to our children who are still isolating at home. 

It is very important that we still keep that connection going between families at home and school, and keep some structure going throughout the week.


Make your own minibeast creation

Go hunting for bugs outdoors and in books! Which minibeast is your favourite?

Recreate your favourite minibeast- draw, paint, mould, glue, craft, chalk or even bake a bug of your choosing. Have fun! 

Monday 18th May 2020

Term5 Week 5


Hello everyone, 

This week I want the children to do a bit of personal and emotional development. This is a confusing time for everyone but especially for our children and we need to support them as we move through this confusing time. 


I want Little Einsteins to start to think about things that will remain the same for them over the coming weeks, like their likes and dislikes and the people in their lives that are there for them every day. 


It has been lovely to hear that parents have organised little on line catch ups for their children and letters have been sent back and forth between our Little Einsteins. All this helps with transitioning back to school.


Stay safe and hopefully I'll see you all soon

Please continue to hear your child read regularly. 

For handwriting practise continue to use the documents already on our class page. 

Russia Passport- Target. To write numbers as words

Term 5 Week 4

Monday 11th May 2020


Hello everyone


I hope you all had a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and managed to celebrate VE Day in your own way. 


My boys and I walked around our village to look at all the bunting and decorations. Families were sat out in their front gardens chatting to passers by. It was a quiet but charming display of celebration and remembrance.


Mrs Carpenter shared what was happening in Codford and it sounded like good fun!


Here are some learning tasks to keep you busy this week. 


Remember- stay safe, have fun and look out for each other.


Take care love Mrs Baker

Please continue to hear your child read everyday. 


Below is a link to some spelling/handwriting sheets. Just do little and often and make it fun and rewarding! 




Monday 11th May 2020

Maths learning tasks

Monday 4th May 2020 Term 5 Week 1


Hello Little Einsteins


Yay it's May and the sunshine is coming back soon.

This week celebrates the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day. It is an extremely important part of British history and one that we can introduce to our children in a meaningful and even fun way.


War is a subject that we don't need to over explain to our little ones, but we can always discuss and celebrate the peace that we are raising our children in. We can talk about our freedoms and how we can celebrate those freedoms together.


Why not have your own family party on Friday and decorate your house. There is a British Legion link below with suggested activities for the day.


           Have fun and take care

                     Love Mrs Baker

Friday 8th May 2020 75th Anniversary of VE Day

Have a go at the Lego challenge and take some photos

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Below is a video link to the book and some activities to accompany the story. 

Pencil control activities help with letter formation.

Extending Learning

If your child needs a bit more of a challenge then check out Galileo's class page. Mrs Beeden has put up a reading comprehension activity that would be a good challenge with adult support.

I have had some great conversations with parents wanting a bit of additional support and feedback. Please remember I'm only an email away if you want some activities tweaked or a bit of advice. 

Thank you for your continued support. 

Georgie Baker


Term 5 Week 2

Hello Everyone!

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying, I hope that you are all able to make the most of your time together and the beautiful weather.


Thank you for all your fab emails and photos, it means a lot to me that you have taken the time to keep me in the loop with your child's development and well-being. 


Below is a video for the book (The Doorbell Rang) that I have read a few times to the children. I'm hoping that they will be able to share some maths skills with you using the narrative of the book. I have provided a few adult led and role play sessions for them at school based on this book, so hopefully they will remember some of their previous learning and share it with you. 

You will need

  • a packet of biscuits or fruit if you want a healthy snack. 
  • Plates or placemats
  • Soft toys


Listen to the story using the video link below. 


Put an even amount of biscuits in the middle of the table. Ask your child to share the biscuits fairly between two soft toys.

'Ding Dong' can you hear the doorbell?

Another soft toy has joined the party.

share the biscuits amongst the group fairly. 

Guide the session by dropping in mathematical language continuously and praising the connections that your child can see. It could be noticing two numbers that make one whole number (3+2=5) or double 2 is 4 etc. 

You will need to:

  • Change the amount of biscuits and people at the gathering. 
  • Ask questions - What happens when there is a spare biscuit, is it fair? 
  • Help your child look for number patterns
  • Use the language - each, share, fair, doubling, halving, more, less, even, odd, equal

Let your child guide the play but if they start getting confused or the amounts become unmanageable, then bring the game right back down to basics. Small numbers, sharing between 2,using 'one for me and one for you'. 


Have fun and try not to eat too many biscuits!




Onto Russia passport-- Well done Owen

Happy Birthday Your Majesty

Theatre and music-Express yourself!

Independent writing

The Farm by George

Understanding the World-5 4 3 2 1 blast off!

Let's hunt for bugs!

Term 5 Week 1   Home Learning

I hope you are all safe, well and enjoying the sunshine. 

Thank you to all the parents who have been in touch. I look forward to hearing from you if I haven't already. 


Maths Home Learning

Maths Challenge

Counting in 2s

Reading and Writing


Please hear your child read at least 4 times a week. Remember little and often is the key to boosting your child's confidence. Read stories to your child and talk about the books that you have read. All these experiences will enrich your child's imagination and enhance their creativity. 

If you are struggling to find new material to read, there are a lot of free online resources. Please contact me if you need anything. 



Below is a link to some creative writing Prompts. They are different pictures to encourage your child to write more interesting sentences. 

Let them choose the image they fancy and talk through his/her ideas. 

Encourage independent writing but also support their development by reminding them of their sentence, helping with tricky spellings and scribing complex structures. 


You can also paste the images (and other images) into Microsoft Word. Your child can then type up sentences instead of handwriting them. This can be a bit more fun for technology minded children. 


Please remember typing is another skill on top of being able to write, so it might be frustrating for some children. So pick and choose what works best for your family. 



Creative Writing Prompts: Great little images to help get the imagination flowing.

Number fun outside

Spring activities

Happy birthday Big man!

Tuesday 14th April 2020

Easter Activities

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all well and happy. 


This month is Queen Elizabeth's birthday. Let's help her celebrate. 

21.4.20 Queen Elizabeth's 94th birthday

Happy Easter everyone!

Enjoy all your Easter treats and look after each other. 

Thank you for your fantastic photos and please keep sending me photos of your Easter creations for our class page.

I will put up some activities if you need a little inspiration. 

Easter Garden by Logan

This is the greatest show!

Logan has continued to work on our design project--puppet making.

He's done a fantastic job so far, working on his stage. 

Fantastic creations

What a super collection!

Spring by Ella

Phonics and writing with Callum

Spring by Owen

Spring by Henry

Spring by Izzy

Hugs from Little Einsteins

Sound Mats for writing activities

Just above is an attachment to help your child remember the sounds that they have learnt. The picture and mnemonic help children remember what the sound looks like in text.


If your child is struggling to recall a sound when reading or how to write the letter, just get them to practise writing the letter whilst repeating the phrase. 


So far at school we have learnt all the single letter sounds but not all of the digraphs/trigraphs (2/3 letter sounds). 


If your child comes across a sound that they don't know, just email me and I'll explain how to support them in their understanding. 

Writing expectations


Writing is a lot trickier to do than you might think.

Your child will need to remember the sentence they need to write, along with how to form the letters; which is a lot to do all at once.


It is very tiring and can be frustrating for some children.


Please only work on one or two sentences at a time and then give your child a brain break. 


We are aiming for independent writing but this only comes once writing becomes an enjoyable experience for your child.

They need to write about things they find interesting and spellings are not a priority at this point. Although you can actually make spellings fun when a challenge or a prize is involved. 


If you have chalk or even sticks and a patch of mud then writing can happen in a fun stimulating way outdoors. 

Your child can trace or copy words/sentences as long as they are picking out the sounds and blending the words together, so it is a meaningful experience . 


If your child spends a sustained period of time writing and you can't make out what it says, still praise and ask them to read it back to you. 

It will mean a lot to them and they will be proud of it.

Take care and have fun

Mrs B

Friday 27th March


Hello Little Einsteins and family, 


Thank you for the lovely emails and photos that you have been sending me, Mrs Baker is very grateful for them. 

I will be adding the photos onto our class page so we can all see what we've been getting up to. 


Creative/writing challenge

The sun is shining and spring is in the air. 


Explore your garden and see what changes you can find.

See if you can you spot any spring flowers,new buds on the trees and bugs scurrying about.

Make a picture, model or book all about what spring means to you. 


Write at least 3 sentences to go with your creation. 

I can't wait to see your fantastic pieces (email if you can). I will share them with Mr Barnes. 

Home Learning-daily sessions

10 mins focused maths 

Counting in one's to 100

Counting in twos to 20

Counting backwards from 20

Writing numbers against the clock-

Timer challenge 1 minute, to beat their previous score

Read a school book everyday 

Play on phonics games for 10 minutes everyday 

School ebooks

Oxford owl have got lots of lovely age appropriate activities to choose from. 

Physical development

Welcome to EYFS  - Little Einsteins


Our Teacher is Mrs Baker.


Our topic this term is Take One Product.


Maths Makes Sense will structure the daily numeracy sessions and we will continue to work on the Maths Passports for 15 minutes each day.


Your child needs to bring a named PE Kit into school on Monday and keep it in school for the week, in case we do additional PE activities through the week.


For more photos please visit the Gallery under the Children's section of the website.



Take One Product Overview