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EYFS - Little Einsteins

What a super collection!

What a super collection!  1

Spring by Owen

Spring by Owen 1
Spring by Owen 2

Spring by Henry

Spring by Henry 1
Spring by Henry 2

Spring by Izzy

Spring by Izzy 1
Spring by Izzy 2

Hugs from Little Einsteins

Hugs from Little Einsteins 1 Stay Positive by Marlie
Hugs from Little Einsteins 2 Beautiful bee by Logan
Hugs from Little Einsteins 3 Spring joy
Hugs from Little Einsteins 4 Gentle James

Sound Mats for writing activities

Just above is an attachment to help your child remember the sounds that they have learnt. The picture and mnemonic help children remember what the sound looks like in text.


If your child is struggling to recall a sound when reading or how to write the letter, just get them to practise writing the letter whilst repeating the phrase. 


So far at school we have learnt all the single letter sounds but not all of the digraphs/trigraphs (2/3 letter sounds). 


If your child comes across a sound that they don't know, just email me and I'll explain how to support them in their understanding. 

Writing expectations


Writing is a lot trickier to do than you might think.

Your child will need to remember the sentence they need to write, along with how to form the letters; which is a lot to do all at once.


It is very tiring and can be frustrating for some children.


Please only work on one or two sentences at a time and then give your child a brain break. 


We are aiming for independent writing but this only comes once writing becomes an enjoyable experience for your child.

They need to write about things they find interesting and spellings are not a priority at this point. Although you can actually make spellings fun when a challenge or a prize is involved. 


If you have chalk or even sticks and a patch of mud then writing can happen in a fun stimulating way outdoors. 

Your child can trace or copy words/sentences as long as they are picking out the sounds and blending the words together, so it is a meaningful experience . 


If your child spends a sustained period of time writing and you can't make out what it says, still praise and ask them to read it back to you. 

It will mean a lot to them and they will be proud of it.

Take care and have fun

Mrs B

Friday 27th March


Hello Little Einsteins and family, 


Thank you for the lovely emails and photos that you have been sending me, Mrs Baker is very grateful for them. 

I will be adding the photos onto our class page so we can all see what we've been getting up to. 


Creative/writing challenge

The sun is shining and spring is in the air. 


Explore your garden and see what changes you can find.

See if you can you spot any spring flowers,new buds on the trees and bugs scurrying about.

Make a picture, model or book all about what spring means to you. 


Write at least 3 sentences to go with your creation. 

I can't wait to see your fantastic pieces (email if you can). I will share them with Mr Barnes. 

Home Learning-daily sessions

10 mins focused maths 

Counting in one's to 100

Counting in twos to 20

Counting backwards from 20

Writing numbers against the clock-

Timer challenge 1 minute, to beat their previous score

Read a school book everyday 

Play on phonics games for 10 minutes everyday 

School ebooks

School ebooks 1
Oxford owl have got lots of lovely age appropriate activities to choose from. 

Physical development

Welcome to EYFS  - Little Einsteins


Our Teacher is Mrs Baker.


Our topic this term is Take One Product.


Maths Makes Sense will structure the daily numeracy sessions and we will continue to work on the Maths Passports for 15 minutes each day.


Your child needs to bring a named PE Kit into school on Monday and keep it in school for the week, in case we do additional PE activities through the week.


For more photos please visit the Gallery under the Children's section of the website.



Take One Product Overview

Picture 1