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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Year 3 & 4 - Franklin

Welcome to Franklin, year 3 and 4. Our teacher is Mrs Paul.

Home Learning


If your child is not at school, perhaps due to illness or shielding, we are using the The National Oak Academy as our online Home Learning provision.


The lessons can be found at:


On this page, select your child's year group and then you will be provided with the Maths, English and Foundation subject lessons for each day.


If you should have any difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact your class teacher. 

Class Overview

Week beginning 13th July


Well, here we are at the last week of term and the last week of this school year. What a strange year it has ended up being! I have missed being able to teach all of you in the same place but am looking forward to a new school year and being able to welcome everyone back in September.


I have put some work on here for your home learning this week. As I write this, there are no English lessons for this week from Oak National Academy. However, I have added a link to their website if you want to do the lessons. Hopefully they will appear soon!


As an alternative to these lessons:

1. Write about your life at home during these weeks of Covid-19 lockdown and isolation. Some questions for you to think about:

What have you been up to? What has been the best thing about lockdown? What has been the worst thing? Who have you missed seeing while you've been at home?


2. Go on a sensory walk. Write down what you can hear, see, feel, smell? When you have been on your sensory walk, write a poem about it. Write a verse for each sense. 


I have also added a couple of Maths Mystery Challenges if you would like to have a go at them. 


Finally, I hope you all have a lovely Summer holiday and stay safe. See you in September.

Week Beginning 6th July

Hello to all of you still at home. I hope you have had chance to look at the dance video. If you took part, did you spot yourself?

I have attached overviews of work for this week and all the worksheets you will need. 


If you would like an alternative to doing the Oak National Academy English lessons, I have included a link for The Literacy Shed. If you go to the 'What's New' shed and watch the video 'Light'. When you have watched the video, think about the two characters.

  • Brainstorm ideas, words and phrases to describe and explain what the two characters are like or doing. 
  • Think about the machine-brainstorm words to describe the machine. What does it look like? How does it work? What is it for?
  • Create a plan for your version of the story-you can draw a story map, comic strip or a spider diagram-however is best for you to plan.
  • Write your story.

Week Beginning 29th June


Welcome to week 10 of home schooling. I hope you are all keeping well and looking after each other. I have attached overviews for the week for year 3 and 4, all the worksheets for Maths and a PDF document for the spelling sessions this week.


I have decided to try something a little different this week. I was looking at some of the other lessons that Oak National Academy have on their website and have decided to add a few links: there's an Art lesson, a Science lesson and a set of Geography lessons. Please let me know if you enjoy doing them. 


It was lovely to hear that some of you joined the disco on Thursday last week. I hope you enjoyed it. I know Mr Barnes has arranged another disco for Friday afternoon at 2 pm (weather permitting). It would be great if you could join us again.

Week Beginning 22nd June


Here we are at the beginning of week 4 of the summer term. I apologise for the duplicated White Rose Maths lessons for some of the days last week. I did not realise that some of the lessons had repeated. I have downloaded the correct set of lessons for this week. Year 4, Monday and Tuesday lessons have a video link on the overview. If it doesn't work from the document, go to White Rose Maths and click on the purple box next to Monday's and Tuesday's lessons for the alternative lesson. I have attached the correct worksheets below. 

Thursday, 18th June 

The children in Franklin Bubble have been making kites today. They have used all kinds of materials: drinking straws, skewers, bamboo, plastic carrier bags, wrapping paper. Perhaps you could have a go at making your own kite and when it is windy you could see if it will fly.


Tomorrow we are going to make some bug hotels out of recycled containers such as milk cartons, old plant pots and fizzy drink bottles. We will be collecting twigs, pine cones and old nut shells to fill our hotels. See if you can make one too. 


I would love to see your photos if you do make a kite or a bug hotel.

Week Beginning 15th June


Welcome to another week. I hope you are all keeping safe and staying well.

I have attached this week's overviews for year 3 and 4. I have also added the maths lessons for the week.

At the moment, there are no English lessons for me to download so I have set a couple of slightly different tasks for you to do. 

Don't forget to practise our school dance that Miss Lloyd is teaching us. The video is at the top of this page. Do send her a video of your dancing so she can include it in the final dance video. It would be lovely to see as many of you as possible joining in. 

Thursday, 11th June

Below is the correct worksheet for year 4 for Maths Lesson 2. I think originally they loaded the wrong worksheet on the website...

Monday, 8th June

Apologies for not adding the overview for each year group! I have had another look at Oak National Academy for English lessons (Tuesday/Wednesday for year 3, Wednesday for year 4) and they are now there, so I have amended the overviews to include these lessons. Please see below for updated overviews.


Writing/Video Challenge

In school, we have started our own version of 'We're going on a Bear Hunt' by Michael Rosen. Our version is called 'We're going on a Bug Hunt'. When we have written our own version of the story, we are going to make a video of it.


We watched Michael Rosen acting out his story (YouTube video) and decided that we're keeping some of the lines the same.  


We're going on a bug hunt

We're going to catch a _________ one

What a beautiful day!

We're not scared.


The space on line two is for you to put in an adjective to describe a bug. Here are some of the words that Franklin Bubble has come up with: wriggly, tickly, fat, furry. You will be able to think of other adjectives to describe a bug.


The next verse will go like this (this is my effort!):

Uh uh! Hand sanitiser!

Sticky smelly hand sanitiser.

We can't walk past it.

We can't ignore it.

Oh no! We have to use it!

Squirt, squelch

Squirt, squelch

Squirt, squelch


My challenge to you is to write your own version of these verses, and if you can, make a video of yourself acting out the verses. Send them to me and we will try and add them to Franklin Bubble's video or written version.

Good Luck!

Week Beginning 8th June

Well, week two of our final term of this school year. I have attached the week's overview for both year groups. For some reason, some of the English lessons from the Oak Academy are missing. If they appear, I will revise the overview. If the weather is fine, have a go at some of the outdoor challenges that I up loaded last week. I had a lovely PDF from Philippa last week, showing me her outdoor angles work. 

Tuesday, 2nd June

As the weather is continuing to be lovely, I have attached a PowerPoint with some outdoor maths challenges for you to have a go at. Some of the challenges might include the help of a partner. Your brother or sister might want to do the challenge too but you don't have to do them with a partner. The challenges can be completed on your own. 

Week Beginning 1st June


Welcome back to term 6. I hope you had a restful and safe half term break. If you have been able to get out, I hope you remembered to social distance so that you could stay as safe as possible. 


Joe Wicks is still doing his PE lessons each day so do try and join in with him. 


I have attached work for the week for all of you who, sadly, still have to stay at home. All the Maths and English links are on the overview document for each year group and I have attached any other relevant worksheets.


Week beginning 18th May


Don't forget to read each day for about 15 minutes. Talk to somebody about your reading. 

Try and do some exercise each day-Joe Wicks is still doing his PE lessons. Go for a walk, but don't forget about social distancing!

I have attached all the documents you will need for this week's learning. There is a weekly overview for each year group with links to the websites and web pages you will need each day. I have also added the Maths worksheets, Art slides and task sheets. Worksheet 6 for Art is for ideas only. You don't have to choose any of those; you can choose an idea of your own.


Mrs Thornton has sent another music link for you to have a look at:

Friday, 15th May


Well, we have come to the end of another week. I think this one has gone quite quickly.



Remember to try and work on your targets for about 15/20 minutes. 



There is no worksheet for me to upload for today's lesson as it is the Friday Challenge and you can access the challenge on the White Rose website.


Here are the links for your challenge lesson:

Year 3:

Year 4:



Here are the links for today's lesson. You have some writing to do today. I would love to see what you write. Send me a photo of it if you can. 

Year 3:

Year 4:



Continuing our project on Seurat and Pointillism, I have attached some slides for you to watch first and then an activity to do. Remember, it took Seurat a long time to complete his paintings because he had to carefully paint all the dots to create his pictures. When you are creating your dotty painting, take care and do your painting slowly.


When you look at the worksheet PDF, you will see it is in three sections. 

Section 1: Choose one challenge only from worksheets 4A to 4C. You don't need to draw your own picture at the moment. You will be able to do that next week. 

Section 2: Choose one of the challenge cards. You do not have to do them all.

Section 3: Choose one of the pictures to copy in the Pointillism style. Try and look carefully at the shading in the picture and create that with dots.

Thursday, 14th May


Remember, you can still join in with PE Joe Wicks' lesson at 9am.

Passports/Times tables practice: Try and work on these for 15/20 minutes.



We have now been given the go-ahead to access White Rose Maths worksheets to go with the videos. You can access the videos in the usual way and I will add the link for those. In addition, I will attach the worksheet document for each lesson. We are up to Week 4, Lesson 4. 

Year 3 (Scaling):

Year 4 (Counting squares) :



Here are the Oak National Academy links for your lessons:

Year 3:

Year 4:



Following from Tuesday's lesson, I have attached a PDF document below that explains how Seurat chose colours to us in his paintings. When you have looked at the PowerPoint, have a go at the task. You have to use dots to colour the squares on the grid. Only choose one of the challenges. The only difference between them is the colours that you have to use to colour the grid. 

Wednesday, 13th May


Here are your links for today's Maths lessons:


Year 3:

Year 4:



Today's links are below:


Year 3:

Year 4:




As it is Wednesday, it is Mrs Thornton's music day. Last week, she set you a two week task to write your own rap. I hope you have been having a go at doing that. I have added the instructions below so you can remind yourself of the task.

Hip Hoppy Kid Rap, Week 3 and 4:


It should follow the pattern of 'Hip Hoppy Kid' if you can. Try and make pairs of lines rhyme.

Add in some body percussion if you can. (Maybe someone in your house might be able to help if they have time).


Your rap should be called 'Wylye Valley Kid'. It starts like this:


I’m a Wylye Valley Kid and you’ll never catch me nappin’

Everywhere I go, you’ll always hear me rappin’

I rap in…


Think of words that rhyme and link to our school. Here is a suggestion:


I rap in the line on the way to the hall

I rap to Mr Barnes and I rap to Mrs Paul.


Give it a go. See what you can come up with.


Tuesday, 12th May


Share the Miracle


Mr Barnes has had a brilliant idea for distributing the 'Share the Miracle' eggs and chocolates that are still sitting in his office. He would like to give them to key workers and is planning to hand them out at supermarkets in Warminster during key worker shopping time. He has asked us to ask you if you would write a 'Thank You' letter to put with each egg. It doesn't have to be very long and you could also draw a picture. It would be lovely for the key workers to receive such a note that shows our appreciation of what they are doing during these difficult times. Mr Barnes would like them by Friday, 15th. Please send them directly to him via email so he can print them and attach them to the eggs. Just to remind you, Mr Barnes email is 


Passports-practise for 15 minutes. Don't forget to ask an adult to check your targets and tick them off if you understand them and can do them. If you need the next passport, email me and I will send it.



This week, we are using BBC Bitesize Daily lessons for Maths. We will go back to White Rose as soon as possible. Here are the links for today's lessons:

Year 3:

Year 4:



Here are the links for your lessons:

Year 3:  

Year 4:



For the rest of this week, I would like you to do some work on Pointillism. Samuel inspired me to set this task when he sent me a lovely picture of a butterfly.


I have attached a PowerPoint for you to look at first. It will explain a little about Pointillism and an artist who is famous for creating this way of painting. I would also like you to take a closer look at one of Seurat's paintings and complete a task about it. When you do the task sheet, choose 1B or 1C. You don't have to do both. The painting is also attached to this document.


Extra Challenge: Create a fact sheet about Georges Seurat. You may need to do some extra research.


Monday, 11th May


Good morning and welcome to another week of staying at home. I hope that you were able to commemorate VE Day in some way. 


Try and keep a routine with your home learning. 

Start by doing some passport work for 15 minutes and if you can, go on TT Rock Stars to practise times tables. 

Don't forget, PE Joe is still doing his lessons each day for half an hour from 9 am. 



It has been brought to our attention that the White Rose resources are no longer free from today and require a subscription.  Mr Howarth has contacted White Rose to arrange a school subscription. However, this may take a week to sort out as they require a cheque for payment (remember those?).

In the meantime, we will use the BBC Bitesize site for the Maths Home Learning until the subscription has been activated.  Here's today's Maths lessons.

(As with the White Rose scheme, each lesson has a short teaching video, followed by activities.)


Year 3 Week 4 Lesson 1 (Multiplying and dividing by 8) is here:

Year 4 Week 4 Lesson 1 (Multiplying and dividing problem solving) is here:



Spelling: For your spellings this week, I would like you to investigate adding -ed to verbs to change them from present tense (happening now) to past tense (it has happened). Lots of you keep forgetting the rule and add t at the end of words. There are only a few verbs that you can add t to make them past tense, like slept, crept. So, here is your list of verbs. Do you add -ed, or do you have to drop something before you add -ed? Does anything else have to change in any of these verbs?


hope, add, change, watch, pace, walk, type, shop, jump, use


Year 3, your lesson from Oak National Academy is about a character description. Here is your link:


Year 4, your first lesson of the week is about persuasion.  




Mrs Beeden has sent us through a link to the STEM website. They have started doing remote lessons for home learning. I have chosen one for you to have a look at. Please let me know what you think of it. It is about teeth. I have put the link below.


If you would like a different challenge, 'National Book Tokens' has launched a competition for children to design a book token. If you are interested, I have added the link to the website, where you can read the details.












Friday, 8th May (VE Day)


Hello on this Bank Holiday Friday, although it doesn't really feel like it is a long weekend!

Please remember to keep practising passport targets and times tables. Remember also to keep reading books, kindles, comics, magazines. First News, the children's newspaper, can be read online. 



Both year 3 and 4 have a challenge today. Here are the links:



Today's links for the last lesson of the week:


I would love to read your sound poem or news report.

Have a great weekend. I shall be sitting in my front garden at 6pm, having my dinner, hoping that neighbours will do the same! If you are planning on joining a distance street party, please stay safe.

Thursday, 7th May


Good morning. I hope you are all well. Just a reminder, please remember to try and read for a while each day and to share your reading with your mum or dad, brother or sister. Tell them what you are reading and who is your favourite character; is it a funny book or a sad book? If it's a non-fiction book, tell them some facts that you have found out.


Passports: Work on one of your targets for about 15 minutes. 



Year 3, your lesson today is multiplying by 3. Here is the link: 

Year 4, your lesson is dividing a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number. Here is your link:


Here are today's links for your lessons.


Year 3: 

Year 4:


VE Day Activities

I am looking forward to seeing photos of your VE Day work. I've had some already but would love to receive some more. 


Wednesday, 6th May


Passports: I hope you are getting on well with your passport targets and you are getting them ticked off when you know them well.



Today, the lesson for Year 3 is subtracting money. Here is the link:     

Year 4's lesson is about dividing a 2-digit number by a 1-digit number.   



Here are the links for today's lessons:



Mrs Thornton has set her next part of the rap topic to cover two weeks. She wants you to write a rap of your own.

Hip Hoppy Kid Rap, Week 3 and 4:


It should follow the pattern of 'Hip Hoppy Kid' if you can. Try and make pairs of lines rhyme.

Add in some body percussion if you can. (Maybe someone in your house might be able to help if they have time).


Your rap should be called 'Wylye Valley Kid'. It starts like this:


I’m a Wylye Valley Kid and you’ll never catch me nappin’

Everywhere I go, you’ll always hear me rappin’

I rap in…


Think of words that rhyme and link to our school. Here is a suggestion:


I rap in the line on the way to the hall

I rap to Mr Barnes and I rap to Mrs Paul.


Give it a go. See what you can come up with.


VE Day Activities

I hope that you are managing to do some of these activities or any others that you have found online.





Tuesday, 5th May


Good morning. Here are the links for today's Maths and English lessons. Please remember just to do what you can. Remember to practise Passport targets and have some fun on TT Rock Stars.


Maths (White Rose week 4)

Year 3, Add money 

Year 4, Multiply a 3-digit number by a 1-digit number





Monday, 4th May

Well, here we are, starting another week in isolation. I do hope that you are all looking after each other and you are still managing to stay safe and well. 


This week in school, we would have been commemorating the 75th anniversary of VE Day (Victory in Europe Day). With that in mind, we have found some activities to help the children find out and learn about this important time in our History. Apart from Wednesday, which will be Mrs Thornton's next Music lesson, I would like you to have a go at the activities that I have added below. One of the documents is a selection of WW2 recipes. If you would like to try them, please only do so if you have the ingredients at home already. I don't want you to have the added pressure of trying to source ingredients. 


Don't forget that Joe Wicks is still doing his daily PE lessons at 9am each weekday morning. 


Passports and TT Rock Stars to practise your mental/quick Maths.




We are continuing to follow White Rose maths lessons. 

Year 3:   Converting Money

Year 4:  Multiply 2-digit number by a 1-digit number




Spellings for the week: future, nature, creature, feature, capture, mixture, picture, puncture

Make sure you know what they mean. 

Here are the links for today's English lesson:

Year 3:

Year 4:


VE Day Activities

I have uploaded quite a few activities related to VE Day. I am not expecting you to do all of them. The first few documents are for information to help you with some of the other activities. 


You might also want to write a diary or a letter to a relative from yourself, as if you were there on 8th May, 1945. 

Design a Medal extra challenge. This explains medals awarded to soldiers for VE Day and asks you to design your own medal for soldiers. As an extra challenge, I would like you to design a medal for a key worker hero who is still working during this pandemic.

Friday, 1st May


Good morning. I can't believe that it is May already and it is the end of another week. I am not setting an afternoon task today but I would like you to finish any activities that you are part of the way through.

Keep on practising your passport targets. Continue to read and share your reading with other members of your family, even if it's just to tell them what you think of the book you are reading. 

Here are the web links for today's Maths and English sessions:


Year 3:           

Year 4:



Year 3:

Year 4:


Have a good weekend

Thursday, 30th April

Good Morning. So, we have reached the last day of April! Hard to imagine.


Try and logon to take part in Joe Wicks PE lesson. I thought it was tricky yesterday!


Start your learning with 15/20 minutes on passports. Don't forget to go on TT Rock Stars. 




Here are the links for today's lessons:

Year 3, Day 4, Problem Solving:  

Year 4, Day 4, Ordering Money:  




Todays lessons are focusing on Fronted Adverbials. The links below will take you to the right lesson for today.

Year 3:

Year 4: 



This week's Science challenges are attached as a Word document. I have only given three this week for you to choose from. If you can, don't forget to record anything you find out and try to explain what you think is happening. 




Wednesday, 29th April


Don't forget about Joe Wicks PE Lesson at 9 am. You can find it online.


Start your learning with some Passport work. You can also go on TT Rock Stars to improve your times tables.


Here are the links for today's White Rose Maths lessons.

Year 3: Problem Solving

Year 4: Pounds and Pence



Here are the links for today's lessons from The Oak National Academy. 

Year 3


Year 4


Mrs Thornton has set some lessons for this term. My apologies for not putting up the first lesson last week. I am including that one today as well. The poem is attached as a Word document.


Week 1:

Look at the poem Hip Hoppy Kid. 

It is a rap.

What do you notice?

Which lines rhyme?

Can you say the poem in a rapping style?

The underlined words are the beat. Try saying the poem and clapping/stamping on the beat.

You could record yourself doing this and e mail it to me at 


Week 2:

Look at the rap again from last week.

Can you add to your performance?

Maybe add some body percussion before you start reading and at the end?

Maybe add some body percussion at the end of some of the lines?

Can you create a steady beat using body percussion to play all the way through? Eg clap, stamp, clap, head.

If there is someone in your house willing to help you, then maybe one of you could do the rap while the others add in the body percussion.

Tuesday, 28th April


Start your day with 15/20 minutes working on Passports and TT Rock Stars



Year 3 (Week 2, Lesson 2: Subtract Fractions)

Year 4 (Week 2, Lesson 2: Halves and quarters)


I have attached a word search for you to do today. All the words end with the suffix -ation.

Extra Challenge: Make your own word search using different -ation words. 



Have a go at this set of 60 second reads.



I have added a link to a set of lessons devised by The National Academy online classroom. There is one lesson per day. You may need to have a quick look at Monday's lesson so it makes sense. Please let me know what you and your child think. 


Following on from last week's lesson when I asked you to take some photographs of flowers or plants from unusual angles, I would like to set you another task. Today, I would like you to take six photographs of the same subject (it could be a flower, tree or plant again, or your pet or anything that you think would be good to photograph from different angles). You should try and make you photos different from each other-take them from different angles, close up. You may take more than six photos but then you can only use six for your final piece of work. I'd like you to upload and then copy your photos onto a document (if you have Word or Publisher on your computer, that'll be best) and arrange them to make a 'collage' of your work. I am looking forward to seeing your compositions. I have attached a document to give you an idea of what I am looking for, but I know you can do better than me!

Term 5, Week 2

Monday, 27th April

Passports-Keep practising your targets and remember you can also use TT Rock Stars for times table practice. 

Well done, Harry (Rock Legend) for a speed of 1.25 secs (fastest time in Franklin) and to Molly for knocking a huge number of seconds off her first time: a massive 14 secs faster.



I am continuing to use White Rose maths lessons. There is a lesson for each day of the week. Just follow the link. I have my fingers crossed that the year 3 one works this week! (Thank you Mrs Cutler for letting me know). If it doesn't work, use the other year group link: it takes you to the same page.


Year 4:


Year 3: 



On Friday, I asked you to choose a favourite toy and take it with you wherever you went and whatever you did (not the loo!). I asked you to make notes as well about things you did and possibly times.


Today, I would like you to write 'A Day in the Life of...'. I would like you to write about your day on Friday, but from the point of view of your toy. 

Remember to use first person words: I, me, my

Try not to use then or and too often. Think of different conjunctions. 


Reading Comprehension: choose your challenge


Spellings for this week


The suffix -ation: This suffix turns a verb into a noun. If the word ends with 'ne', 've' or 'te' 're', drop the 'e' then add -ation.

inform     information

prepare   preparation

donate    donation

decorate  decoration

create     creation





Last week I asked you to make a collage using different fabrics or natural things from your garden. 


This week, I would like to do another collage. This time I would like you to just use paper for your collage. If you have some old newspapers or magazines, you can use them. Please ask your parents first before you start cutting them up! You might have some scraps of coloured paper/wrapping paper as well that you can use. I would like you have a look in your garden and find a flower that you really like. You can take a photo of it if you wish and use that to help you create your collage. Use different shades of coloured paper to make a collage picture of the flower you have chosen. Send me a photo when you have finished. 

I have added a couple of pictures to give you an idea of how to create your own flower collage.

Friday, 24th April


Last day of our fifth week of Lockdown. I hope you are enjoying this lovely weather and getting out for some fresh air, even if it is in your own garden. 


White Rose Maths



Today, I would like you to start preparing for writing next week. I would like you to choose a cuddly toy (could be your favourite one), a LEGO figure or a toy that you like. I would like you to take that toy everywhere with you through out the day, take photos of it in different places (perhaps not the loo though!laugh) and doing different activities with you. Write a few notes about what you are doing throughout your day. You can even record times, e.g. lunchtime, snack time, when you set off for a walk. 


Spelling-complete the last activity mat.


Have a good weekend and stay safe.

Thursday, 23rd April



Mr Howarth has been trying out some Maths lessons from the White Rose Maths website with Newton and he has received some good feedback about them. I have decided to put some lessons up for Franklin to try. There is a video and an activity for each lesson. Please let me know what your child thinks about the lessons and how they get on. They also provide answers for each activity in a separate document!

This is the link for Year 3: 

This is the link for the Year 4 lessons:



I would like you to write the final part of your story. Read what you have written so far before you start the next part of your story. How is your story going to end? How does your main character solve the problem? Do they get back home? Do they beat the bad guy? 

Don't forget to check that your story makes sense. Check that you have put capital letters at the beginning of every sentence and full stops, question marks or exclamation marks at the end.


I hope you are doing the spelling mats each day this week. Bitesize Daily has got some good Grammar activities to do.


Keep reading. For your reading task today, I would like you to read your book for 10/15 minutes. When you have finished reading, make a list of words that you did not understand. Find out what they mean-if you don't have a dictionary at home, you can use an online dictionary. 


Online dictionaries suitable for children:  (This none has an app for phones)



One of our topics this term is 'We are Photographers'. What better time at the moment, while the weather is good, than to get out and practise using a digital camera or the camera on your phone or tablet. Challenge for you: Can you take a photograph of something from an unusual angle? Send me your best photo.




Wednesday 22nd April


I have added a link to a new website, Wild Days, led by Michaela Strachan. They will be producing daily videos, activities and worksheets. You have to sign up but it is free. 


Remember to try and stick to a timetable like this one for your school work.

9 am: Joe Wicks PE session

9:30: Mental maths practice/Passports/TT Rockstars for times table practice

9:45: Maths problems/task sheets

10:15: Have a break

10:30/10:45: English-Reading comprehension or reading a book for 20 minutes. Some SPAG work. Writing-each day I shall guide you through writing.

Have some lunch and relaxation time

1pm: After lunch spend some time working on other activities that I have set or that you have found online. They could be for any other subjects that we do in school.



I have attached a Maths document for you to have a go at today. It is all about money. It will be good to refresh: choose your challenge.



Writing: Day three of your story.

Read through what you have written so far. Does it make sense? Have you remembered punctuation? 

Today, I would like to write the middle of your story. Does your main character have a problem to overcome or solve? Are they lost somewhere and have to find a way back home? Does your main character meet someone/something on their journey/adventure? Remember to look at your story map-if you need to change your story, add bits to your story map first.


Don't forget to keep reading books, magazines, online news articles, comics. Write a review of what you have been reading. There is a document uploaded on this page if you want to use that to write your review.

I have attached another comprehension for you to do. Choose your challenge: 1 star, 2 stars or 3 stars.


I have also attached another page of activities for you to try out. Let me know how you get on.



Tuesday, 21st April

Good Morning, Franklin. Here are some more tasks and activities for you to do. 


Mrs Thornton has sent another music link for you to have a look at: 


BBC Bitesize has launched 'Daily' this week. There are sets of lessons each day for every year group for Maths and English, plus other topics of the curriculum. Why not give it a go! 


I have attached some activities for today's work.


Spelling: I have attached some activity mats for you to have a go at. They are to help you practise spelling the words that you should know in year 3 and 4 (they are called statutory words). The document I have attached is for the first five words on the list. Try one each day. If you get stuck on any section, try and find out the answer by looking in a dictionary or online. 


Writing: If you haven't finished your story map from yesterday, please do that first. Today, I should like you to write the beginning of your story. remember to check that each sentence starts with a capital letter and has a full stop, question mark (?) or exclamation mark (!) at the end. Try to use some good adjectives to describe. 


Summer Term 5 

Monday, 20th April

Sadly, we are still not able to be in school but at the moment it is important that we stay at home and keep safe. 

From some emails that I have received, I gather that you have some projects/tasks that you have yet to finish. Please try and complete them. These larger projects include: The Stone Age, The Rainforest, Light.

Try and keep to a timetable for doing your work so you do some work on Maths, English and other subjects. For example:

9 am: Joe Wicks PE session

9:30: Mental maths practice/Passports/TT Rockstars for times table practice

9:45: Maths problems/task sheets

10:15: Have a break

10:30/10:45: English-Reading comprehension or reading a book for 20 minutes. Some SPAG work. Writing-each day I shall guide you through writing.

Have some lunch and relaxation time

1pm: After lunch spend some time working on other activities that I have set or that you have found online. They could be for any other subjects that we do in school.


Try your best to do some of the activities that are uploaded but don't worry if you don't manage to get them all done. 


Monday Writing (20th April)

I have attached a document that includes some story starters. Choose one story starter only. Today, brainstorm ideas for your story and then draw a story map.



I have uploaded a document for your spelling practice this week. Just do one sheet each day. You have to correct the spelling mistakes.



Our topic/skill this term is collage. I am setting you a challenge to create a collage picture using different materials that you find in your house and garden. You could use coloured paper, old wrapping paper, scraps of fabric, bottle tops, foil, or even natural things from your garden. Your picture could be an underwater scene or a rainforest scene, a country landscape or even a picture of your pet. When you have made your picture, send me a photo of it.

Week Beginning 12th April


Week four of 'lockdown' measures! I hope that you are all staying safe and well. I also hope that you have been able to enjoy the good weather, even if only in your back garden or out on a daily walk.


I have uploaded some more activities for you to do. They are a mixture of Maths, SPAG, Science, DT and Geography based activities. Some of the activities are about 'The Rainforest'. If you decide to have a go at these, maybe you could do some extra research into tropical rainforests and do a small project.

Tuesday 7th April

I have added another document with some good activities for you to try at home. Let me know what you find out. Take photos of your investigations and send them to me. 

Here are some English activities for you to do. They will help you to keep practising your writing skills and spelling.

Spellings for this week:

myth gym Egypt pyramid mystery hymn system symbol lyric typical


Week Beginning 6th April


Week three of 'lockdown' and the first week of our Easter holidays. It is certainly going to be a very different Easter this year.


You may have had plans to visit relatives or go away somewhere. Why not draw an Easter picture/card for someone in your family. If they don't live in your house, take a photo of your picture and send it by email or phone message. I'm sure they would love to receive your message.



As it is the first week of the holidays, I am giving you a variety of activities to do. You can choose to do some or all of them-it is up to you.


Please continue to read and share books with your family. I liked Mr Howarth's idea to get your family to sit together and read at the same time for about 20 minutes, then share your reading. What are you enjoying about your book? Who is your favourite character? Why? If it is a magazine, what's good about it? I have uploaded a book review template as well. You could review a book that you are reading now or one that you have read recently. 

Mrs Carpenter also sent me a link from Young Writers. At you will find ideas and resources to help you write and share stories and poems, to send messages of hope and positivity to other people around the world. Why not give it a go.

Friday, 3rd April



Today I have set a couple of challenges, one on shape and some Easter themed word problems. Have a go at both or either of the challenges.



I hope you are continuing to write your robot story based on the 'Powerless' video and that you are finding lots of interesting facts and information about robots for your information report.

Today, I have set some Reading comprehension. There are three quick comprehensions for you to do. They are all Stone Age themes.

Thursday, 2nd April



Apologies for there being no Maths task attachment yesterday. Thanks to Mrs Shean for letting me know. I have attached it today, hopefully! 



I should like you to continue to write your 'Powerless' story and researching robots so you can write a report about them. 

Remember to keep working on your passports-parents please sign if you thin your child has achieved a target. 

Wednesday, 1st April (Pinch, punch, first of the month! :-) )


For Maths today, I have attached a couple of sheets for you to have a go at. Read each question/statement in the boxes. Choose a number from the boxes at the side of the main grid. If you are able to print the document, you can cut out the small boxes with the answers and stick them in the right question box. 



I would like you to do some research on robots.

Some questions for you to think about: What are they used for? Who built the first robot? What can robots do? How do they work?

When you do some research, type in KS2 robot facts. There are some great websites for you to look at. 

You can draw pictures and diagrams in your report.

Write a report all about robots. 

Tuesday, 31st March


Spellings for this week


The spelling pattern this week is words beginning 'kn'.

knee, knot, know, knew, knit, knife, knives, knock, kneel, knight


Can you add to this list of 'kn' words?




Continue to write your 'Powerless' story. I have attached a word bank that might help you. 



You have £2 each day to spend on snacks and drinks. Use the price list below to work out what you could buy each day for one week. 

Your choice of snacks and drinks have to be different each day (7 different combinations of snacks and drinks). Work out how much your daily snacks and drinks will cost and then work out how much change you will get back each day. 

How much money do you have left at the end of the week if you have saved some of your £2 each day?

How close to £2 can you get?

What is the most amount of items that you can buy each day with your £2 allowance?

Monday, 30th March



I have attached another mystery for you to solve. You know how these work now! Email me when you think you have solved the mystery and will let you know if you are right.


I thought this week could be all about robots. To start the week I would like you to watch an animation. I have copied the link below. If it doesn't work: Go to The Literacy Shed, The Inspiration Shed, Powerless.


When you have watched the animation, write a plan for your story, based on the video. You can draw a story map or write a block plan for this story. Imagine what the man would think and feel, how the robot might think. What are the strange creatures that appear? 

When you have completed your plan, write your story based on 'Powerless'. I have attached a block plan template for you to use if you wish.

Other Work


Please continue to work on the History and Science tasks I set last week. I shall add other tasks later in the week.

Friday, 27th March


Well, we have survived a week staying at home. Well done everyone for doing some work and keeping busy.

Maths tasks for today are below. I hope you find them fun.


Today, I would like you write a poem.

You can write a poem about your week at home.

You can go outside and listen to all the different sounds you can hear and write a poem about these.

You can find a flower or interesting plant in your garden and write a poem about that.

If you have a pet, maybe your poem could be about them. 


Your poem does not have to rhyme. 

Thursday, 26th March


Today's maths task is multiplication. Choose one of the challenges. If you want, you can do more than one. I have attached a multiplication square to help you if you need. 

English Task. Today, I have set something a little bit different. You can choose either of the tasks, or if you want to have a go at both of them, you can.


1. How would you describe a rainbow to an alien?

Remember, an alien has never seen a rainbow, so you need to describe it very well. When the alien has read your description, he or she will know exactly what a rainbow is.


2. How would life be different if there were no electricity? You will need to think about how we use and need electricity these days. You might also want to think about what life used to be like before electricity was discovered.


Good Luck! 


Keep working on your History project and your Science investigations.

Wednesday, 25th March


Maths-Subtraction revision. Task sheets attached below.

English-well done if you wrote the first part of your story. Today, I would like you to finish your dragon story. Remember to check for punctuation and make sure that your story makes sense.


Music challenge (from Mrs Thornton)

What have you been learning in Music this term? Make a poster about African music: songs you have learnt: Maleezweh, Singa bayhambayo, Si si si. Drumming. What can you find out to include on your poster?


Science challenge (longer task)

Light and shadows.

Create an investigation to find out how different objects make shadows. Think about transparent, translucent and opaque objects cast shadows-how are they different?

If it is sunny, go outside and investigate your own shadow. When is it short? long? facing in a different direction? Write about your findings.

Make a shadow puppet theatre. Write a short play for your characters (you could use your dragon story) or use a well known fairy story ( e.g. The Three Little Pigs) 


Hamilton Trust ( ) website has ideas for investigations and activities. Year 3 Science, Light and Shadow. These lessons and resources are free and there are web links for some of the activities.


Tuesday, 24th March

If you wish, you can join Joe Wicks, the Body Coach online via YouTube at 9am every morning for a PE session.

Passports-keep working on your targets everyday for 15 minutes

Maths-attached below are some addition sheets for you to practise. 


Keep writing your diary

Story-yesterday you drew a story map based on the picture I put on here. Today, I would like you to use your story map to write the first part of your story. Make sure you check it for punctuation and sense. 

Reading-I have attached below a year 3 text and a year 4 text

Keep working on your History project.



Home Learning Work-Monday, 23rd March

Passports-15 mins working on times tables targets (multiply and divide) and one other target.

Maths-Monkey Mystery-can you solve the mystery? Work out the Maths to find the answer to each clue.


Spellings for this week: was, all, call, want, what, swan, always, wander, swallow, wallet

(Extra challenge: can you think of any more words that follow the same rule-words with 'a' that sounds like 'or'.)

Writing-use the picture below. Brainstorm ideas for a story and then draw a story map.

Daily writing task: Write a diary about surviving the Coronavirus. Spend 10/15 minutes writing a diary entry for each day. This would be best done at the end of the day. 

Longer Task


Research 'The Stone Age' and write about it. Your title could be 'How did people live in Stone Age times?' You can make a mini booklet or write a non-chronological report. If you wish (and have access to it) you can create a PowerPoint presentation.

Build a model of Stonehenge. Use recyclable materials to build your model (not too large). You can use the side of a cereal box for your base. Find a photograph online to help you. Email me a picture of your model when it is finished.

Find out some information about Stonehenge and write a fact file about it. 


TTRock Stars-you can spend some time on this website-not too long though!




Please see below for information, documents and web links.


Story Prompt

Take One Product Overview