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Year 3 & 4 - Franklin

Welcome to Years 3 & 4 - Franklin


Our teacher is Mrs Paul.


Our topic this term is Take One Environment.


We will continue to follow the Maths Makes Sense programme for maths and fifteen minutes each day will be spent on Maths Passports.


Franklin will be taught Music and PE on Wednesdays.  Your child should bring a PE Kit into school on Monday and keep it in school, in case we do additional PE activities through the week.   


For more photos please visit the Gallery under the Children's section of the website.




Franklin Superhero Models

Investigating Sound

Investigating Sound 1
Investigating Sound 2
Investigating Sound 3
Investigating Sound 4

Music Time

Music Time 1

Our Gingerbread Men

Our Gingerbread Men 1
Our Gingerbread Men 2
Our Gingerbread Men 3

Forest School

Forest School 1
Forest School 2
Forest School 3
Forest School 4
Forest School 5
Forest School 6
Forest School 7
Forest School 8
Forest School 9

Mummifying Fish in Franklin

Mummifying Fish in Franklin  1
Mummifying Fish in Franklin  2
Mummifying Fish in Franklin  3
Mummifying Fish in Franklin  4