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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Newton Class

Here we are again.  Mr Barnes has told me that there are no other positive Coronavirus tests so we're all set to return on Friday. Not long now.


Here's your video to start the day: 

How small of a space can a Northern Goshawk fly through? | The Kid Should See This


Our class book is 'Boy in the Tower'. So far, we have read up to Chapter 13.


Today, I would like you to read Chapters 14 to 16:

Your task for yesterday and today was to write a newspaper report on the events that are occuring around the area where Ade and Gaia live.


Remember to include the key features of a newspaper.  The main features are:


  - Interesting headline         - Introduction paragraph           - Paragraphs

  - Written in past tense       - Written in third person           - Use quotations

  - Photos and captions         - Mix of facts and opinions         - Concluding paragraph


Your newspaper report should look to include the following answers:

         What happened?            Who did it happen to?       Where did it happen?   

         When did it happen?      Why did it happen?            How did it happen?


Some of these may be difficult to answer as we don't know everything yet, but you can speculate on what has happened in the same way that Ade and Gaia have been doing.


I would really like to see the work that you have completed so far with your home learning. I have set up a Newton Class Zoom meeting at 2pm where you will be able to share the work that you have done. If your parents haven't received my email with the Zoom invite, please contact me and I will resend it.



Our unit of learning this week is Percentages and Decimals.


Today's lesson will be To understand thousandths


(For Ms Blood's Maths group, if you find this unit tricky, use the lockdown period productively by learning your times tables.) 


Start by watching this video that will explain thousandths:


Then complete this work relating to the lesson.


Finish off the lesson with ten minutes on Times Tables Rockstars.



Time for some exercise at the end of the day. Here's Mr Kenich from PH Sports with another video for you to complete.  It's called 'Welcome to the Beach'. Remember, it won't be long before we can go there again.



PGL Zoom Meeting


Remind your parents that I have invited them to a Zoom meeting at 3:15 pm to provide them with information about your PGL Residential trip that is going ahead from Monday June 7th to Wednesday June 9th.  An email invite has been sent out, contact me if you need another one.