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Newton Class

Welcome back to our home learning page.  Just to clarify something, I originally told the children that we would return after the Bank Holiday on Tuesday 4th April 2021, but I was incorrect as we will be returning to class on Friday 30th April 2021.


Yesterday's cat ping pong trick video seemed to be popular judging by some of your comments, so here's another video to watch - a 70 stage basketball trick shot (no cats this time!)



Our class book is 'Boy in the Tower'. Yesterday, you read Chapters 3, 4 and 5 where we learnt a little bit more about Ade and his friend Gaia. We also got an idea of Ade's home life and the difficulties that his Mum is facing.


Today, I would like you to read Chapters 6,7 and 8:

Ade's Mum is clearly struggling and finding life difficult.  She is having problems with her mental health. Many people, adults and children, struggle with mental health problems and the last year with lockdown and Covid-19 has only made the situation harder for many people. In today's lesson, we are going to try and understand mental health better, and learn about things that can help each of us.


First, watch these short videos that will explain mental health and why it is important to look after.


1. Talking mental health (5:27)


2. We all have mental health (5:39)


3. Know your emotions (4:04)


4. Why do we lose control of our emotions? (6:47)


5. Caring for the mental health needs of children (2:29)


This last video will be particularly useful if you ever find yourself struggling with anger. It is an American video and it recommends talking to the school councillor, however if you should feel the need to talk to anyone, you could perhaps speak to Mrs Downing or another trusted adult.



One of the best ways to keep your mind healthy is to try and focus on positive things. We’re going to complete an activity to help you think positively about your own mental health well-being, especially because we are isolating at the moment.


I want you to think of an enjoyable time and write about it. Here's my example; I'm writing about a time when I spent some time in the park on a particularly sunny day.


I wasn't in a hurry. Instead of walking straight home, I decided to wander through the park. It was a blissful day, the sun beamed down on me. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of fresh air into my lungs. Away from the crowd, I sat down on the grass; the softness felt like a blanket. Very simple things - the sun, fresh air and grass - but these simple things are there to help you cherish life. 


Your task: Think about activities that you have undertaken recently, write a description of them and what you enjoyed about them.



Our unit of learning for this week will be Percentages and Decimals.


Today's lesson will be To understand decimals up to 2 decimal places (2 d.p.)


(For Ms Blood's Maths group, if you find this unit tricky, use the lockdown period productively by learning your times tables.) 


Start by watching this video that will explain decimals up to 2 decimal places:


Then complete this work relating to the lesson.

Finish off the lesson with ten minutes on Times Tables Rockstars.



Linking with our Computing fashion theme in yesterday's lesson, our Art learning this term will 'Famous Fashions'. This first lesson will explore how design is used in the home. Have a look at this Powerpoint:

Once you have looked at the different designers and their design creations, complete this task:



Time for some exercise at the end of the day. Again, it's Mr Kenich from PH Sports with another video:ere's some exercise for you to complete.  It's another video created by Mr Kenich from PH Sports - 'Quick Feet'



Zoom - Year 6 Leavers


Don't forget Year 6 parents that there is a Zoom meeting at 3pm to discuss the arrangements for the Year 6 Leavers in July. The meeting will be a discussion on what you want to arrange for them as a group, how much you wish to spend etc. I'll give you some ideas about successful events in the past (and things that haven't worked so well). Mr Barnes should have sent you an email invite. If you haven't received one, please contact the school office.