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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Newton Class

Well here we are again, another round of home learning. At least this time we know it won't be long before we're back at school. 


We always start the day watching Newsround, or another short video, so here you go:

Cats doing ping pong trick shots



Our class book is 'Boy in the Tower'. If you missed either Chapter 1 or Chapter 2, have a look at yesterday's Newton work to catch up.


Start off today by reading Chapters 3, 4 and 5: 


In these chapters, we get a picture of Ade's home life and school, and we start to hear more about his friend Gaia.  We also realise that his Mum is really struggling after something bad happened to her. 


There are also some interesting cliff-hanger sentences:

It was the day the rain stopped falling. The day the first building fell.


Sounds exciting. I wonder what it means. What predictions are you making so far? 

At the end of Chapter 4, Ade makes a decision.


But I decided to tell Gaia about it. I wanted to find out if her mum was asking her to do the same sort of things.

I remember exactly the day I told Gaia.


What could Ade talk to Gaia about?

Ade could talk to Gaia about the following things that he might be worried about:

- Has to walk to school by himself now

- Has to do the grocery shopping

- Has to use his mum’s bank card at the cash machine

- Has responsibility of walking around with money

- Has to make meals every night


Your writing task today is to imagine Ade and Gaia are having a conversation where Ade shares his worries with Gaia. I will be looking for you to use speech punctuation correctly.


Remember the rules for using speech punctuation correctly:

         1.    Put     “           ”    around what words the speaker says.

         2.    A new speech sentence starts with a capital letter.

         3.    Start a new line if it is a new speaker saying something.

         4.    Punctuation is always needed before closing the speech marks.


Try to use different words for said. If you need examples of synonyms for said, try


I'd then like you to take a picture of your writing, and email it to me please:



Our unit of learning for the next few weeks will be Percentages and Decimals.


The first lesson will be To recognise tenths and hundredths.


(For Ms Blood's Maths group, if you find this unit tricky, use the lockdown period productively by learning your times tables.) 


Start by watching this video that will explain and recap what tenths and hundredths are:


Then complete this work relating to the lesson. There's also an extension task, as I know that you like to challenge yourselves.




For our afternoon lesson, we're going to be starting our new Computing topic - 'We are Fashion Designers'. This will alos link with Design & Technology as we will be looking to create a design and then print it onto a T-shirt as the final outcome for the unit.


Today's first lesson will require you to complete some design research using the internet. I would like you to look up a range of different T-shirt designs. When you see things that you like, you will need to create your own design.


Here is a template for you to print off and complete your T-shirt designs. Feel free to print more than one sheet if you have lots of ideas! Keep these designs safe, as you will need them when we return to school.



While I think of a way to try and resume the Wylye Valley Marathon while we're at home, here's some exercise for you to complete.  It's a video created by Mr Kenich from PH Sports.


Unfortunately. the self-isolation period means that we can't leave our houses for ten days, but hopefully the weather will be good and so try and make use of your garden.



Use social media to contact your friends and help each other through the period of self-isolation. Just remember - always try and be kind.