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Today is the last lesson on the Deadly Creatures unit. Hopefully, you had fun creating your own deadly creature yesterday.


Today, your task is to create a fact file page about the deadly creature you designed.

Think about ensuring you have answered key questions for your reader such as;

Where does it live? What makes it deadly? What does it eat? Where and how does it hunt?

You may wish to use these examples (on pages 5 and 6) to help you with your layout from ‘Lesser Spotted Animals’ by Martin Brown.


Lesser Spotted Animals by Martin Brown (9781910989562/Paperback) | LoveReading (


Extension Task

You could also film a ‘Deadly 60’ video about your new creature – imagine you are Steve Backshall on the hunt for your deadly creature. Explain to the audience what you are hunting – giving them key facts whilst you are on the search.


Year 5

You are continuing multiplication today. You are multiplying 2-digit numbers. Before you look at the task for today, you may want to take a quick look at yesterday's video lesson to refresh your memory.

Year 6

Today's lesson is all about coordinates. Here is a video to watch before you look at the Power Maths task. 


To describe positions on a 2D Grid as coordinates (


Today, we are continuing to build on locational knowledge of our world. This week's lessons are all about South America. Today's lesson is about the physical features of this continent. 

Which countries are in South America? What physical features can we find in South America? (