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Welcome to a new week of home learning. We are continuing the 'Deadly Creatures' unit of work with Lesson 4.

Based on all you have read so far this week, design your own deadly creature. This could be a hybrid of your favourite deadly creatures such as a cobra snake and a tiger combined or a completely new creature.

Make up a name for your deadly creature and draw a picture of it – labelling the key ‘deadly’ features around the image. Remember to think about the presentation of your picture. Make sure your labels are clear and make sense. 

Write a few sentences to describe your creature explaining why it is so deadly.


When you have finished your creation, send a photo of it to Mr Howarth at 


Year 5

Below is a link to a lesson produced by Oak National Academy. You may want to watch this first before you tackle today's task on multiplying.


Multiply 2-digit numbers by 8 using the partitioning method (


Year 6

The document for today's maths task is below. You will need to draw on what you have learned about finding fractions of amounts to solve the problems.


This first link takes you to a video that explains the piece 'The Little Train of the Caipira. Watch this video first.


An introduction to The Little Train of the Caipira (Heitor Villa Lobos) | Ten Pieces | BBC Teach - YouTube


When you have watched the video, follow this link to find the next video that will help you with today's task. You need to watch Simon Mole talking about writing a poem based on the Heitor Villa Lobos music.

Ten Pieces Tasters - BBC Teach




Here is the link for a lesson from PH Sports. You need to click on KS2 Lesson 2.

Resources for Schools | PH Sports