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Our learning this week in English is all about Deadly Creatures from around the world.  


Read and watch about these deadly animals. For each animal, jot down any words or phrases that grab your attention as you go.


The King Cobra:

Watch: Awesome King Cobra | Deadly 60 | Series 2 | BBC Earth - YouTube

Read: Cobra Snake Facts | Cobra Snake Information | DK Find Out


The Blue-ringed Octopus:

Watch: The Venemous Blue Ringed Octopus | Deadly 60 | BBC Earth - YouTube

Read: Blue Ringed Octopus Facts For Kids | DK Find Out


The Honey Badger:

Watch: How NOT to Keep Away from a Honey Badger's Teeth | Deadly 60 | Earth Unplugged - YouTube

Read: Honey Badger Facts | Honey Badger Diet | DK Find Out


Based on what you have learnt, create a quiz for a family member, adult or teacher to answer. An example of a quiz based on deadly animals can be found here:

Deadly 60 Quiz: Felines and Fangs - CBBC - BBC


Explore the Deadly 60 website further Deadly 60 - CBBC - BBC reading and watching about other deadly creatures around the world.



For Maths, these are the Power Maths tasks for Years 5 and 6.  If you should find the task too tricky, perhaps have a look at the work for the year below to practise your skills and knowledge.

Geography-Building Locational Knowledge


Lesson 3 about hemispheres and tropics


What is the geography of the Arctic and Antarctic? ( quiz

What is the geography of the Arctic and Antarctic? (