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The last day of home learning before we're all back in school together!



Use all you have read over the past two weeks about climate change to create either of these two writing outcomes:



Imagine you have been asked to create a minidocumentary about climate change to feature on BBC. Select the topics that you have found most interesting and write a script informing others about climate change.

You may wish to design posters, pictures or diagrams to be included in your documentary.

If possible, video your mini-documentary and send to your teacher.


Non chronological report:

Create a nonchronological report about climate change.

Select the topics you found most interesting and write a section for each.


Remember to proof-read your work to check it makes sense and for spelling and punctuation.

Year 5 Maths


Your lesson today is day two of problem solving with fractions.

Year 6 Maths


Today, as part of your lessons on algebra, you will be learning about formulae. Watch this video before you tackle the worksheets.


Spr6.5.5 - Forumlae on Vimeo



Impressionism and Monet


Today, you will be looking at some of the paintings that Monet did on haystacks. He created a series of paintings through the seasons.


Look at the slides and read the information first. 

When you have read the slides, choose one of these activities:


Look at the Picture Cards showing a variety of paintings from Monet’s haystacks series, the choose one of these tasks:


Worksheet 3A: choose two seasons and paint the two haystacks using colours which you feel represent both seasons. Use the techniques shown on the slides to paint your haystacks.


Worksheet 3B: paint each of the four haystacks in a different season, using colours which you feel represent each different season. Use the techniques shown on the slides to paint their haystacks.


Try something different


Try using digital art software to recreate Monet’s haystacks. Most laptops and iPads have a digital drawing/painting app installed. Check your device and use that.


Create the basic outline of the haystack scene, then use the software to colour in the outline to show different times of year and times of day, just like Monet did.

Think about how you will need to change the colours and tone to convey different seasons. 

Create some different images. You could print your favourite creation.


There are lots of free art software programs you can use for this if you don't already have one on your computer. Here are a few links for online art programs. They all have a free section. You do not need to subscribe or download any of these. Subscribing and downloading will most likely involve having to pay-you shouldn't pay for them.


Sumopaint - Online Image Editor

Sketchpad - Draw, Create, Share!

YouiDraw Painter, Painting Tools online.