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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Imagine you have been invited by Greta Thunberg to join her at her next speech to World Leaders. Imagine she has asked you to prepare a short speech about climate change and what you think needs to be done to combat it.

Watch these short clips of Greta in action for inspiration:

Greta: "You've stolen my childhood. How dare you?" - CBBC Newsround


Greta Thunberg: Activists message to UN youth climate summit - CBBC Newsround


Write your speech outlining what climate change is, its effect on the world and your five key ways to help combat it.

Think about using emotive, powerful language to persuade World Leaders that this is an urgent matter.

If possible, once you have written your speech, record/film it to send to Mr Howarth.

Year 5 Maths

Today's lesson is about subtracting fractions. Watch this video lesson before you do the worksheets.

Add and subtract fractions with a common denominator: Improper fractions (

Year 6 Maths

Today's lesson is the first about finding a rule. Watch this video to help you with this topic.

Spring Week 5 - Number: Algebra | White Rose Maths

Art - Monet and Impressionism

First of all, watch and read the slides. It is an introduction to this form of art, focusing on Monet.

When you have read the slides, look at the Picture Cards and choose either worksheet 1A or 1B.

Go through the questions on the worksheet, thinking about your ideas and recording your answers on the worksheet.

Next, choose two of the Picture Cards and a set of the Description Cards.

Take some time to look at each painting and then sort the Description Cards into true or false piles to describe what the art is like.

When you have had a chance to sort the cards to describe what each painting is like, compare the answers. What do the artists have in common? What is different about their artwork?

What do you think of Impressionism from what you have found out so far?

What is your favourite painting that you have looked at?

Which is your least favourite? Why?


Optional Challenge

Use one of the Monet paintings shown on the slides or find a different one online and recreate your own version of the painting. Remember to keep it in the 'Impressionist' style that Monet devised. You don't have to use paint; coloured pencils or felt pens would work well too. Just think about the different marks that Monet used to create his images.