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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Read the following three poems:  

Ways to Change the World – Start Now by Matt Goodfellow (page 9 of extract) 

Munch, Crunch, Packed Lunch … by Liz Brownlee (pages 12- 13 of extract)  

Couch Superstar by Matt Goodfellow (pages 14-15 of extract)


All of the above are taken from the extract of 'Be The Change' by Liz Brownlee, Roger Stevens, and Matt Goodfellow, available here:

Be The Change by Liz Brownlee, Roger Stevens, Matt Goodfellow (9781529018943/Paperback) | LoveReading (

(You will need to register with LoveReading4Kids to view the extract. Membership is free).


After reading the three poems, select your favourite one.

Write down which is your favourite giving reasons for your choice.

Now watch the rap Refuse, Reuse, Recycle on Earth’s Ekko: Together We Can Make A World of Difference (from 11:00 – 12:22 mins) here:

Earth's Ekko - Together We Can Make A World of Difference - YouTube


After watching the rap, create your own based on climate change.

This may be completely written by yourself or you may choose to edit one of the poems you read earlier.

If you do choose to edit one of the poems, you could edit it in these suggested ways:

- adding an extra verse you have written and/or a chorus which could go between each stanza

- redrafting some of the lines using Thesaurus and Word Tools | WordHippo to help with improving the vocabulary

- removing some of the original lines / changing the order.

Once you have written your rap, have a go at performing it to someone in your house.

If possible, you could also record it to send to Mr Howarth!

Year 5 Maths


Today is adding fractions part 2.

Here is a video lesson for you to watch:


Fractions of quantities (Part 2) (

Year 6 Maths


Today you are continuing work on equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. If you want to remind yourself about this topic, watch yesterday's video lesson.


Percentage as a fraction and decimal (

History - Ancient Greece

In this lesson, you will learn about how we know so much about Ancient Greece, exploring artefacts found by archaeologists, as well as looking at the huge influence the Greeks had on the Roman Empire.


Why do we know so much about Ancient Greece? (