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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




This week focuses on what climate change is, what we can do to combat it and how Greta Thunberg has become so influential in addressing this issue.


Read National Geographic Kids – What is climate change?

As you are reading, make notes for the information you find:

(Note: The explanation continues below the magazine advertisement).

What is climate change: facts for kids | National Geographic Kids (


Now watch CAFOD: Climate Change Animation for Primary Schools and make further notes:

CAFOD: Climate Change Animation for Primary Schools - YouTube


Imagine you have been asked to create an information page for a magazine based on climate change.

Use your notes to create your page, making sure your explanation and facts are clear.

You can also use pictures/images to support your explanation.

Remember to proofread your work as you write, checking for spelling and punctuation.

Year 5 Maths


Today, you will be continuing your lessons on fractions and adding/subtracting fractions. Watch the lesson before you go to the worksheets.


Add and subtract fractions with a common denominator (

Year 6 Maths


Today, you will be converting fractions to percent. The lesson below is one you have watched before, but watching it again will refresh your memory.


Finding percent of a quantity (


This video from White Rose may help as well.


Spr6.3.4 - Fractions to percentages on Vimeo

Zoom Call

At 1:15, Caz will again be joining the class for a Zoom call so that you can show off all your groovy moves.  Remember to make sure that you have a large space to allow you to move around.  Your parents will have been sent the invite link.



Mrs Thornton has sent this link for today's lesson. It is from Oak National Academy.



Understanding pulse and rhythm (




Follow PH Sports link to find lesson ideas and videos to help you to do some exercise:  


Resources for Schools | PH Sports