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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Read this information page titled ‘Why did the Titanic sink?’ – only read page one:

Why did the Titanic Sink (


After reading each account of who was to blame, decide who you think was responsible for the sinking – this may be one person or a combination of a few people.

Imagine you have been asked to join a debate about who was to blame for the sinking of Titanic. Write a speech for the debate.

You will need to say who you think was/were responsible giving your reasons.

You may wish to add supporting facts based on what you have read over the past week.

Remember to read back through your work and check your spelling and punctuation.

Year 5 Maths

Today's lesson is about adding and subtracting fractions. You may wish to watch parts of yesterday's video lesson again before you work on the problems. Here is the link:

Add and subtract fractions with the same denominator (

Year 6 Maths

Today's lesson is about finding missing values. Use the knowledge and skills you have gained from this week's lessons about percentage to help you tackle the questions on the worksheets.


This week's Art lesson is a whole school challenge!


The title of your piece of art will be 'From My Window'.


Choose a window in your house. It could be your bedroom window, the window in your lounge or kitchen.


For safety: Whichever window you choose, make sure you can see out of it safely. You do not need to lean out of or open the window to see your view.


Your task today is to create a picture of the view from your window. Here are some ideas to help you decide how you are going to create your artwork:

You can sketch your view using different marks and shading with a pencil.

You could produce a picture using black pen.

You can paint your view.

You could even make a collage using coloured paper, fabric or any other materials. (If you choose to do collage, make sure you ask a grown up if it is okay to use the materials you have chosen.)


The choice is yours! We look forward to seeing your creations.

And finally...


Have a good half term break!