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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16





For the first few days of its voyage, April 10th 1912 – the evening of April 14th 1912, life on board Titanic was fun and exciting for passengers on board. This website gives you more information about the first few days. Read Titanic - the Voyage:

The Voyage of Titanic — Ultimate Titanic


Imagine you are a passenger on board Titanic – you can select which class you are!

Create a postcard for a loved one back at home explaining your trip so far.

Include key facts based on what you have read today, and throughout the week.

Make sure you continue to proof-read your work as you write, checking for spelling and punctuation.


When you have finished writing your postcard, you could make an actual postcard to include a picture on the reverse side of your writing. Your picture could be of the Titanic, for example. Below is a postcard template for you to use.

Year 5 Maths

This lesson will help you understand fractions and division, before you have a go at the worksheets.

Fractions and division (Part 1) (

Year 6 Maths

Today, you will be continuing your lessons on percentages. Here is another video lesson that can help you.

Finding percent of a quantity (

When you have watched the lesson, have a go at the worksheets.


Today, you will find out how humans have changed over time and use the theory of evolution to explain these changes. You will also learn about the impact that humans have had on some species of plants and animals.

What impact have humans had on plants and animals? (