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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Watch this clip of passengers boarding the ship, taken from the 1997 film Titanic:

(Note: Although the film has a 12 certificate, this clip is age appropriate).


Titanic Boarding Scene - YouTube

Watch again – pausing at key points as you watch, and jot down words or phrases for the things you can see and hear in the clip, such as: cars arriving, crowds of people, third-class passengers having a health inspection and the ship’s horn.

Now go back and improve your words and phrases for example, ‘cars arriving’ may become ‘luxurious cars arrived on the dock’ and ‘crowds of people’ may become ‘the crowds of people were like a swarm of ants’.

You may want to use Word Hippo to help you 'uplevel' and improve your words and phrases.


Once you have improved your sentences, have a go at writing this scene in a narrative form. Imagine this scene is for a new opening of a story about Titanic.

Write the opening to the story retelling this scene.

Don’t forget to include the words and phrases you have written.

You can select whether your opening is written in first person, ‘As I arrived, I saw Titanic for this first time’ or third person ‘As Character name (you choose your character) arrived, she/he saw Titanic for the first time.’

Make sure you continue to proof-read your work as you write, checking that you have continued in the person you have chosen, ie. first of third person. Check your work also for spelling and punctuation.

Year 5 Maths

If you want to, you can watch this lesson again to help you with today's worksheets.

Comparing and ordering (

Year 6 Maths

Below are links to two video lessons about percentages, this week's Maths topic. You can watch both or just one of the lessons. I suggest that you watch at least the first video lesson.

Understanding percentage (

Understand what a percentage is and its connection to fractions (

Zoom session

At 1:15pm, we will be having a class Zoom session. It will be with Caz (The Dance Lady). You will need to have a bit of space in which to complete the activities that she has planned of you.

The email invitation will have been sent to the same address as the previous Zoom invites.


During the session, please don't send messages on screen as these are distracting to others.


Here is this week's link to a Music lesson. It will take you to the 'Ten Pieces Musical Menu' page. Scroll down until you get to the 'Musical Menu: Dynamics' section to find the activities you need. There are activities on Dynamics, Rhythm and Instruments.

Ten Pieces Musical Menu - BBC Teach



Here is the link for you to find a lesson from PH Sports. If you click on the 'Previous Lessons via YouTube Channel' button, it will take you directly to lots of virtual lessons from them.

Resources for Schools | PH Sports


Don't forget that Joe Wicks is also doing live PE lessons on Mondays. Wednesdays and Fridays via YouTube.