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Today sees the start of a new theme for English lessons. We will be learning all about the 'Titanic'.


Read about the Titanic ship here, jotting down key facts that interest you:


Titanic Facts For Kids | What Was The Titanic? | DK Find Out


Now read Titanic Facts and Figures and watch the video about how Titanic was built, jotting down key information:


Titanic facts and figures - BBC Bitesize


Based on what you have read about Titanic so far and the notes you have made, create a ‘True or False’ game for a member of your family or teacher to answer. Don’t forget to write the answers, too – giving an explanation of the correct fact if the answer is false.

Year 5 Maths


Here is today's video lesson for you to watch.


Ordering fractions (


Now have a go at the worksheets:

Year 6 Maths


Here is today's Maths lesson:



Find out some interesting facts about organisms. Learn what the fossil record has taught us about the history of organisms that have existed on our planet. 


Which organisms lived during each era of time? (