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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Read about three inventions which were discovered by accident here:

Once you have read this, watch this clip about another invention which was discovered by accident – the potato chip (or crisps as they are more commonly known in the UK). Watch from the start up until 2:30 mins.


INVENTION OF POTATO CHIPS - The Dr. Binocs Show | Best Learning Videos For Kids | Peekaboo Kidz - YouTube


Imagine you are to write about the discovery of potato chips in a similar style to the article you read at the start of this session.

Write your version of the discovery of potato chips using the same format as this article, such as: selecting your main title, using the sub-headings ‘The ‘Oops’ Moment’ and ‘The Details’ with a short description and finally a sub-title for the discovery and a short explanation.

Remember to read back through your work to check for spelling and punctuation.

TT Rockstars

There is a challenge in place - Year 5 v Year 6.  With three days to go, Year 5 have a strong lead. Will Year 6 be able to claw it back, or will Year 5 make it two wins in a row?

Year 5 Maths


First of all, watch this video lesson. It may help you with today's worksheets.


Equivalent fractions (

Year 6 Maths


Decimal and fraction equivalence (

Decimal equivalents of fractions (


Today's lesson continues work on fractions as decimals. If you want, you can watch either (or both) of the lessons again, before you do the worksheets.



You will be exploring how artists create illusions by playing with perspective. Look at the slides first and then have a go at this week's tasks:


Task 1: Look at the picture sheet first and answer the question.

Task 2: Choose either 5A or 5B and follow the instructions.

Task 3: Choose  either 5C or 5D and follow the instructions.