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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Today is the first day of a new topic. This will be called All About Inventions.


Watch the BBC clip 'What is an invention?':


Design and Technology KS2: What is an invention? - BBC Teach


After watching the clip, write your own definition of what an invention is.

Now read about some key inventions in history. Follow this link:


Inventions: A History of Key Inventions That Changed the World by Adam Hart-Davis (9781406315004/Hardback) | LoveReading (


This is the website you need to join to read the books. It is free to become a member.


Based on what you have just read, select the invention you think is the most important. Write down which invention you have chosen, a short description of it and why you think it is the most important.

TT Rockstars


Don't forget to join the Year 5 v Year 6 challenge on TT Rockstars.

Year 5 Maths


Here is a video lesson for you to watch about today's maths topic, dividing with remainders. 


Division with remainders (


When you have watched the lesson, have a go at the task on the worksheets.

Year 6 Maths


Decimals as Fractions is the topic for today's maths lesson. Here is a lesson for you to watch before you do the worksheets.


Decimal equivalents of fractions (



Today, you will be starting a set of lessons on a new topic. It is about humans and animals over time.


This is today's lesson:


What is the Theory of Evolution? (