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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Little Einsteins


Day 5 about Perfect Pets

Watch these videos about looking after pets. The links below take you to videos about dogs and cats. You can find and watch a video about looking after a different animal, perhaps your favourite pet.


How To Look After For Dogs - YouTube

How to Care for Your New Cat (Petco) - YouTube


This link will take you to another website with information about different pets. When you get to the page, click on the Vet Stuff tab. Read this information with your child.

Looking after your pet - Young Vets Club


When you have watched the videos and looked at the information, talk to your child about their pet (if they have one) or one they have learnt about and what it would need to be looked after. Use action words (verbs) such as: take, brush, clean, make, play etc. to start your sentences.


Ask your child to write a set of instructions for someone to follow if they were to look after their own pet or one of choice. They could be set out as follows:

How to look after a __

What you will need:




4. etc

Your child can add pictures or drawings to their set of instructions. 


Create Your Own Animal from different shapes.

Understanding the World


This week's lessons are all about Winter and hot and cold. At the end of this video lesson, there is an investigation that can be carried out. It involves ice cubes, hot (not boiling) and cold water. This must be done with supervision. 


To understand the difference between hot and cold (