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Little Einsteins


Welcome to week 3 of lockdown learning. Today we are continuing our unit of work on Perfect Pets.

Start by watching some videos on different types of animals or their favourite pets, e.g. Interesting facts about:

Cats: * CATS * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV - YouTube

Penguins: * PENGUINS * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV - YouTube

Gorillas: * GORILLA * | Animals For Kids | All Things Animal TV - YouTube 

Choose an animal to write about.

Watch the chosen animal video again.

Whilst watching, pause and write down words/ phrases/ sentences about the information you have heard.

Once the information has been gathered, write an information poster on their chosen animal. Don't forget to include drawings or diagrams with labels.

You could add a ‘Did you know?’ fact box. This could take the form of a question, e.g. Did you know that baby cats are called kittens?

Don't forget to check your writing for capital letters and full stops. Use your phonics to spell words. 



This week we are thinking about 2D shapes.

Number Formation Activities



Here is the link for today's lesson.


YolanDa's Band Jam - Afrika Green (Series 1, Episode 2) - YouTube


Follow the link below to find a lesson from PH Sports for you to do at home. Have a go at KS1 Lesson 2. 


Resources for Schools | PH Sports