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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16

Little Einsteins


This week will focus on a range of texts and film clips around pets.


Watch the story The Perfect Pet being read aloud:

Stories4Nauru: Wanted The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton - YouTube


Pause at 2:05 mins and talk about what they have just heard.

What does Henry want? Why? What does he like about dogs?

Watch for a second time up to the same point.

Draw a dog and label it using their phonics for spelling.

Describe what traits it needs and what it might look like. Your child could use what they have heard to help with the labels.


Year 1 additional work

Write some full sentences in the form of an advert using the labels created, e.g. Dog wanted! The dog must have… and be able to …

Check full stops and capital letters.


Continue to watch the story being read aloud up to the end of Chapter One (2:56 mins)

Predict what will happen. I think that…

Continue to watch the story The Perfect Pet being read aloud from (2:56 mins – 5:00 mins)


Chapter two Stories4Nauru: Wanted The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton - YouTube


Ask your child: ‘How is the duck feeling when he has no friends? What is he thinking of doing? What do you think will happen?’

Continue to watch Chapter three (5:00 mins to end) and enjoy!



Animal Subtraction



Last week you had some activities about colour mixing. Today you are going to find out about an artist called Kandinsky who painted some brilliant abstract paintings. You will probably need a grown up to help you read the words on the PowerPoint about Kandinsksy. There is also an activity for you to do. Create your own Kandinsky style picture using the triangles and circles. Cut out the ones you want and stick them on the picture frame.