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Little Einsteins


Our learning this week in English for Reception and Year 1 will be based on the Hairy Maclary book.


Reception & Year 1

Read the story again. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson’s Dairy by Lynley Dodd

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Look at the book and spot the breeds of dogs in the book. Consider other types of breeds of dogs that might be friends with Hairy Maclary. You may have a family dog that hasn’t been mentioned but if not, have a look online at different types. Watch this video.

Breeds of Dogs - Part 1 - Learn Different Types of Dogs | Dog Breeds 101 - YouTube


Parents to read the information as it may be tricky for children to read.

Pause and discuss each breed focusing on new vocabulary.

Ask - which dogs were your favourites and why? Choose a few.

Next, give them a name e.g. Patty poodle or Pete the pug.

Write the names of the chosen dogs down using capital letters for names.

Discuss using the information from the video what they might be like.

Encourage real and made up personality traits drawing from the original character ideas.


Year 1 additional work

Write some sentences about your new dogs, e.g.

Patty the Poodle is fluffy and likes to doodle. Pete the pug is all happy and smug.

Note: The sentences do not have to rhyme but encourage the children to use the word ‘and’ to join ideas, e.g. Tiny Terry is loyal and friendly.

Check for capital letters for names and at the start of the sentence. Check for full stops at the end.





Dog addition



Mrs Thornton has sent some links in for Music lessons to be done at home. This is the first one for you. 


BBC iPlayer - YolanDas Band Jam - Series 1: 1. Jam #1: Toot-ally Awesome Recorders



PH Sports have sent some links to lessons that they have created for you to do at home. The link is below.

Joe Wicks is also starting his PE lessons again this week. He will be on live streaming at 9am on YouTube every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.


PH Sports lesson links:

PH Sports Coaching - YouTube 

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