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Little Einsteins



Don't forget to go to our sister website to get RWI Phonics materials to work on with your child.


Read again Rumble in the Jungle encouraging your child to join in with the verses if they can. Here is the link again for to read the book.


Rumble in the Jungle - educational audiobook (read-aloud) children's story. Colourful illustrations. - YouTube


Write a short list of animals that live in the jungle that you have heard about in the book.

Try and spell these animal names independently without peeking at the book, using your phonics knowledge. (Note: There is no expectation that your child should be able to spell all of these words correctly at this age. They should, however, be encouraged to think about the sounds in the words and ways of spelling each of the sounds).

Lion King Opening Scene - Circle of Life 1440p 60 fps - YouTube


Watch again but this time pause to discuss and add to the list of animals which live in the jungle. Talk about animals you perhaps have not seen before.

(Encourage independent spelling again using  phonic knowledge and clapping of the syllables of the animal names, e.g. vulture (two claps), zebra (two claps), elephant (three claps) and hyena (three claps).)

This list could be recorded as a chart by sorting the animals with one clap, two claps and three claps etc.




Last week, you were set a challenge to create a picture in the style of Kandinsky. This week, you have a different challenge. Look at the document attached below for your challenge.