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Our learning this week in English for Year 1 will be about Perfect Pets. Year 2 will be learning about Roald Dahl poetry.


Year 1

Watch the story The Perfect Pet being read aloud:

Stories4Nauru: Wanted The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton - YouTube


Pause at 2:05 mins and talk about what they have just heard.

What does Henry want? Why? What does he like about dogs?

Watch for a second time up to the same point.

Draw a dog and label it using their phonics for spelling.

Describe what traits it needs and what it might look like. Your child could use what they have heard to help with the labels.


Write some full sentences in the form of an advert using the labels created, e.g. Dog wanted! The dog must have… and be able to …

Check full stops and capital letters.


Continue to watch the story being read aloud up to the end of Chapter One (2:56 mins)

Predict what will happen. I think that…

Continue to watch the story The Perfect Pet being read aloud from (2:56 mins – 5:00 mins)


Chapter two Stories4Nauru: Wanted The Perfect Pet by Fiona Roberton - YouTube


Ask your child: ‘How is the duck feeling when he has no friends? What is he thinking of doing? What do you think will happen?’

Continue to watch Chapter three (5:00 mins to end) and enjoy!


Year 2

The Tummy Beast

Use the link below to listen to and enjoy The Tummy Beast from Dirty Beasts by Roald Dahl.

Roald DAHL -Dirty Beasts -The Tummy Beast - YouTube

Watch the clip again, this time while following the text, accessible here:

The Tummy Beast by Roald Dahl | Poetry Foundation


If you are able to, print off the text from the link above.

Highlight the lines spoken by the mother in one colour, and those spoken by the child in another. Use this highlighting to help you read the text aloud together.

Put on your best character voices to perform! Perhaps you could take on different roles in your family!

Discuss what is happening in the poem. Why do you think the mother doesn’t believe the child? How is the child feeling when the mother doesn’t believe them? What happened to the mother at the end? What do you think the mother might say when she recovers?


Write a diary entry as if you were the child or the mother, recounting the key events of the day. You could even pinch some key words and phrases used in the poem!

Check spelling and punctuation in each sentence together.



For Maths, these are the following Power Maths tasks for Years 1 and 2.


Today you will be continuing your work based on Andy Goldsworthy, the man who makes sculptures outside in the environment using natural materials. Look at the slides to find out more about Andy Goldsworthy and his circles and spirals work. 

When you are ready to do the task, choose either task 3A, 3B or 3C first. Then you might like to have a go at 3D or 3E.