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We hope you are using the resources on our sister website to help you further your child's Phonics and reading skills.




Remember that the man the Buzz Lightyear character is named after is Buzz Aldrin.

Do you know who he is?

Watch the clip of Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walking on the moon here:


The Moon - KS1 Science - BBC Bitesize


With an adult, discover all about Buzz Aldrin by reading some facts contained in the webpages below. Consider the vocabulary you may need to discuss such as: mission, lunar, military etc.


Buzz Aldrin Facts for Kids (


Facts About Buzz Aldrin For Kids | DK Find Out


Using the information they now know, play 'Ask the Expert' again.


Write a short quiz for your family to answer.

Try to use each of these sentence starters for your questions: Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

Remember to include a question mark at the end of each question.

Check for capital letters and question marks. remember to use phonics to help with spelling.


Here's a story for you to watch and listen to:


Storytime with Nick: The King Who Wanted to Touch the Moon - YouTube

Year 1 Maths


You will be subtracting again today, crossing 10. Here is the link for yesterday's lesson, in case you want to remind yourself about this:


To subtract two -digit numbers and ones with regrouping (

Year 2 Maths


Today, you will be solving word problems about length. Here is a lesson for you to watch:


Applying knowledge of length when solving a word problem (

History-How have people's lives changed in living memory?


In this lesson, you will learn about some of the ways in which popular music has changed over the last 60 years. You will learn how the ways in which people listen to music has changed over time and will look more closely at cassettes and CDs.


How has popular music changed over the last 60 years? (Part 1) (