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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



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Say together the phrase: to infinity and beyond! Do you know who says this? Ask your child if they know anything about the character Buzz Lightyear. Watch:


Inspiring flicbits - To infinity and beyond - YouTube


Talk about what Buzz Lightyear looks like and who his friends are. Is he a good character or a bad character? With an adult, read some fun facts about Buzz Lightyear here:


Buzz Lightyear Facts for Kids ( 

and here:

Ten Things You May Not Know About Buzz Lightyear - Celebrations Press


Play 'Ask the Expert!' This is where siblings or other adults ask you about Buzz Lightyear. Can you talk like an expert, saying everything you know about him?


Write a Buzz Lightyear fact file for someone to read. It could include answers to these prompts: What does he look like?

Where did he get his name from?

How does he act?

Who are his friends?

Challenge: Can you include a special 'Did you know …?' fact box using a question mark.


Check for a capital letter at the start of a sentence/character name and a full stop at the end of each sentence.

Year 1 Maths


Here is a video lesson to help you understand about subtraction crossing 10:


To subtract two -digit numbers and ones with regrouping (


Now have a go at the worksheet tasks.

Year 2 Maths


Today's lesson is about ordering lengths. Watch this lesson before you have a go at the worksheet tasks.


Estimating, measuring and comparing length in centimetres (



Mrs Thornton has sent some links to an Oak National Academy lesson for you to do today. Here is the link:


Understanding pulse (




Here is the link for PH Sports lessons. You will find lots of ideas for PE sessions and videos on YouTube that PH Sports have made for lockdown sessions. 


Resources for Schools | PH Sports