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Please continue to practise speed sounds and reading by using the RWI materials on our sister website.




Today is the beginning of a new topic. Be prepared to meet some amazing creatures that live under the sea!


Watch and enjoy the song from the film The Little Mermaid called Under the Sea:


The Little Mermaid | Under the Sea | Lyric Video | Disney Sing Along - YouTube


Repeat the viewing but this time, pause in particular parts asking your child which creatures they can spot. They may know some of these creatures (e.g. dolphin, crab, seahorse) or use the words in the song to learn some new ones (e.g. fluke fish, ling, smelt, etc).


Write a list of the creatures they see/hear about. Watch for a third time checking if there are any more that could be added to the list.


Now choose either a bottlenose dolphin or a great white shark.


Talk about what you would like to know about it, e.g. What does it eat? Where does it live? What does it look like? What facts can you find out about it?

Write down a few questions using a capital letter at the start and a question mark at the end. Use one of the links below to help you find out about the animal you have chosen.


10 facts about bottlenose dolphins | National Geographic Kids (


10 facts about great white sharks! | National Geographic Kids (


You could draw a picture of your creature and write the information in boxes around your picture.

Year 1 Maths


Watch this lesson to help you understand today's task.


Counting back in ones to subtract (


Now have a go at the worksheets.

Year 2 Maths


Watch today's video lesson before you have a go at the Maths worksheets.


To begin to understand standard units of length (



Look at your own garden habitat. What creatures/minibeasts can you find in your garden? Go out and have a good look for some different creatures. You might find some insects, spiders or even see some birds in your garden. Write some notes about where you found them, eg. Under a stone, on a leaf of a ……tree/bush.


Choose some of your favourite creatures found in your own garden and make a leaflet to tell someone about them. 


Don't forget that your leaflet will need a title. It could be 'Creatures That Live in my Garden'. 

Draw the creatures you have chosen (at least three) and use your notes to write facts about them.