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Please continue to practise phonics and reading with your child. Don't forget you can access the materials you need on our other website.




Read and enjoy The Ugly Five by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler:


The Ugly Five - YouTube


Remind your child that these animals are described by the author as to why they think they are ugly.

Can they spot words or phrases which describe each of the five to suggest why they might be thought of as ’ugly’? E.g. The spotted hyena has a spiky mane and spotty skin. He looks grotty and has a voice with a mixture of giggles and groans etc. Ask your child to tell you about each animal.

Imagine you are on a safari tour, viewing ‘The Ugly Five’ animals in the wild.

Write a recount of what you have seen for your friends and family back home, including some description of the five animals.

Go back to each animal in turn and jot down words or phrases which describe them. You do not have to write full sentences today.

The focus is to gather vocabulary, e.g. The Wildebeest spindly legs and gingery beard, big chunky chest and skinny behind, weird. 

Repeat with the other four animals.

Year 1 Maths


Here are your worksheets for today.

Year 2 Maths


Watch this lesson to help you solve the problems on today's worksheets.


Interpreting data from scaled pictograms and block diagrams (



Here is the next lesson in the series about habitats. Today, you will learn about the conditions in a rainforest habitat. You will also learn about some of the organisms that live in a rainforest.


What lives in a rainforest habitat? (