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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Listen one more time to the story That Rabbit Belongs to Emily Browne by Cressida Cowell:


That Rabbit Belongs To Emily Brown by Cressida Cowell | Read by Jen | Story Time | Milkshake! - YouTube

Can you remember what the Queen offered Emily in return for Stanley?

Talk through the list using some time words, e.g:

First she offered a brand new teddy bear.

Then she offered ten talking dolls that said ‘Mama mama.’

Next she offered fifty rocking horses that would rock for ever.

Finally she offered all the toys that she could ever desire.

Write down this list using the words first, then, next etc.

Write your own list of what you would offer if you wanted someone else’s toy.

Remember to read your list back out loud to check that it makes sense.

Don't forget to use your phonics skills when writing for spelling.

Check your writing for capital letters and full stops.


Don't forget, you can go to our sister website Home | Wylye Valley School to find RWI books and resources to use for reading and writing. 

Year 1 Maths

You might find it useful to watch this video lesson before you do the worksheets.


To compare and order three numbers within 20 (

Year 2 Maths


Here is a video lesson for you to watch before you have a go at today's worksheets.


  Reading and understanding pictograms ( 



Here is this week's music link from Mrs Thornton:


BBC iPlayer - YolanDas Band Jam - Series 1: 12. Jam #12: Mega Tuba Tune



There are several videos made by PH Sports on YouTube. You can access these video lessons by following the link on PH Sports homepage at Resources for Schools | PH Sports


Here is a suggestion for you to do today:


PH Sports Virtual PE Lessons - Key Stage 1 - Explorers and Astronauts - YouTube


You will also find lots of different activities in the 'Remote Lesson Plans' section. Click on current KS1 lessons for ideas.