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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Year 1


Watch the BBC animation of 'The Highway Rat'

BBC One - The Highway Rat


Stop and pause at each point where the Highway Rat takes food from other animals.

Write a list of the food the Highway Rat wants to take, e.g. cake chocolate eclairs puddings buns.


Encourage your child to use their phonics to help them spell and write the words independently. 

Note: There is no expectation that your child should be able to spell all of these words correctly at this age. They should however, be encouraged to think about the sounds in the words and ways of spelling each of the sounds.


Extension task – create a list of the things you would like to eat, also focusing on the spelling of the words phonetically, e.g. pizza crisps pasta marshmallows.


Year 2

Watch and enjoy the short clip below.

Tortilla Pizza - CBeebies - BBC


Yummy summer kids recipes! - CBeebies - BBC


Your task today is to write a recipe to match the film clip. Watch for a second time, this time pausing at frequent intervals to make a list of all the ingredients you need. Perhaps you could draw a box around these and give the box a title.

Watch the clip for a third time, this time pausing after each stage in order to create a written instruction to match.

Listen out for key words and bossy verbs used by the presenter to use in your own sentences, e.g. add, squeeze, zig-zag, sprinkle.

Rehearse your sentences out loud first, before writing them down.

Re-read each sentence as you write.

Check spelling and punctuation.

Don’t forget to use numbers and time words to help order the steps in your recipe!


When you have written your recipe, have a look at the 'real' recipe, using the link below.

presenters-tortilla-pizza (

Compare with your own recipe. Which do you prefer and why?

Year 1 Maths

This video lesson might help you with today's task which is all about counting to 20. 


To identify numbers to 20 by counting ten and then counting on (

Year 2 Maths


Today you are going to be dividing by 5. Remember what you found out in the lessons earlier this week. You can watch them again if you need to. 


Lesson 4

Look at the slides about more of Andy Goldsworthy's sculptures. When you've looked at the slides and talked about the sculptures, have a go at some of the challenges on the worksheets. There are lots of challenges-you don't have to all of them. What could you use to copy some of Goldsworthy's sculptures.