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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Year 1

Watch and enjoy The Highway Rat being read aloud:


The Highway Rat - Give Us A Story! - YouTube


Re-watch the first page being read out loud.

Talk about what the Highway Rat looks like and how he behaves towards others.

Draw a picture of him and write a short character profile, e.g:

He is a baddie and a beast.

He wears a cape.

He has a black hat and he carries a sharp silver sword.

His manners are rough and rude.

His teeth are sharp and yellow. etc.


Make sure that you start each sentence with a capital letter and it ends with a full stop.

Re-read and check the character profile together. Does it make sense?


Year 2

Gruffalo – Mouse Toast

Read the recipe for Mouse Toast available as p6 of the free extract downloadable from:

Gruffalo Crumble and Other Recipes by Julia Donaldson (9781509804740/Hardback) | LoveReading (


(You will need to become a member of LoveReading4Kids. Membership is free).

Read the text together – this could be by reading the text to your child, your child reading to you, or encouraging your child to join in with known words.

If possible, print the text so that you can highlight words. If not, write a list of words. 

Talk about how this author has made it easy to follow the recipe, e.g. a ‘you will need’ box, numbered steps, a tips box etc. bossy verbs, e.g. lift, press, dip, cut, make, break.


Explain that recipes use bossy verbs because they are instructions; they are instructing someone to do something.

Highlight in a different colour any helpful hints or tips, e.g. Be quick with your decorations so you can eat him before he gets cold; Whilst you’re waiting…


If you have the opportunity, have a go at making some ‘mouse toast’ together!

Year 1 Maths


Watch this video lesson before you do the worksheet.


To recognise and create repeating patterns (

Year 2 Maths



In this lesson we are going to be virtually flying to North America, which is the third largest continent. Below is the link for today's lesson.

What is North America like? (