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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Today you will be starting lessons based on 'The Highway Rat' by Julia Donaldson. 


Before looking at the book, today you will be finding out facts about rats.  

Talk about what you already know about rats? Have you ever seen a rat or read a story about one?

Write down some questions about what you would like to know about rats, e.g. What type of animal is a rat? Where do rats live? How dirty are rats?

Watch Seven Fun Facts about Rats using the link below, from the start up to 4:01 mins.


7 FUN FACTS ABOUT RATS! RAT FACTS FOR KIDS! Learning Colors! Rodents! Pets! Funny! Sock Puppet! - YouTube


This can be watched all in one go or can be paused to see what your child can tell you about what they have heard.


Create a fact file about rats from your findings. This could include drawings and fact boxes. Remember to check your sentences for spellings, capital letters and full stops.


Year 2

Today, you will be starting a new unit all about recipes. In some of the lessons for this unit you will be given the chance to follow recipes and make some delicious food. If you decide to make any of the food, make sure a grown up is helping. 

Read together some of the healthy recipes on the website below. There are plenty to choose from, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even barbecue and picnic recipes!

Healthy Recipes | Change4Life (


After you have read a few examples, think about this question: How has the author tried to make it easy to follow each recipe? e.g. subheadings, an ingredients section, use of numbers to sequence the steps, ingredients in green print to stand out, etc.


If you are allowed, choose one of the recipes and have a go at making your chosen food. Make sure you do this with an adult.


Afterwards, evaluate the recipe together. Were the steps easy to follow? Could the recipe be improved in anyway? Don’t forget to enjoy and evaluate your food too!


Year 1


Today's lesson is about 2D shapes again. You may wish to watch yesterday's video lesson again to help.

Year 2

Your lesson today is all about dividing by 2. Here is another video about sharing equally. It follows on from yesterday's lesson. 

To share a total equally and find the number of groups (Part 2) (



In today's lesson you will take a virtual trip to Asia to find out about its physical and human features. How is Asia different to Africa?


What is Asia like? (


For you fact file you could do some extra research online about the animal you have chosen. Here is one weblink to get you started.

Animal facts for kids | National Geographic Kids (