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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Explore this website. Find new information from the food facts section and create a fact file for your family.

Food Facts | Kids Eating Too Much | Change4Life (



Click on the 'Recipes' tab at the top of the Food Facts page to find these recipes. 

You will find the first three in the breakfast section and the pancake recipe is in the puddings section. 

Scrambled Eggs on mushrooms with grilled peppers

Potato and poached egg hash

Flippin tasty tomato pancakes

Pancakes with caramelised apples


Discuss which recipe you like best. Which one would you like to make? Write reasons why you would or would not like to make one of the recipes depending on your favourite ingredients.


Design your own recipe using eggs, with ingredients you have at home. Write your new recipe.

You could have a go at making your own recipe for your family. Check with a grown up first though.



Year 3

This video lesson may help you with today's lesson about dividing by 8. 


Use known multiplication facts to derive our 8 times table (


Year 4


This first link takes you to a video that explains the piece 'The Little Train of the Caipira. Watch this video first.


An introduction to The Little Train of the Caipira (Heitor Villa Lobos) | Ten Pieces | BBC Teach - YouTube


When you have watched the video, follow this link to find the next video that will help you with today's task. You need to watch Simon Mole talking about writing a poem based on the Heitor Villa Lobos music.

Ten Pieces Tasters - BBC Teach


Here is the link for today's PE lesson from PH Sports. Have a go at the KS2 lesson 2.

Resources for Schools | PH Sports