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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Our learning this week in English is all about eggs. 


Listen to, and enjoy this story together: The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs

English KS1/KS2: Aesop's Fables - 24. The Goose that laid the Golden Eggs - BBC Teach


The story is available here to read on screen and/or print.

24_goose_golden_eggs.pdf (


Can you spot this vocabulary in the story after reading?

You could find and highlight these words with a highlighter pen or write them down.

– acorns – bale – prosperous – possessions – glorious – horror – plenty


Now look for any other examples of new/ interesting vocabulary and highlight/write these down. Review the story using the vocabulary explored.

Can you say what each word means in relation to the story?

Read the sentence the word is in. Discuss the meaning of the word in the sentence.

Write a sentence for some of the new words you have found using the context of the story.

Check each sentence for spelling and punctuation together.



For Maths, these are the following Power Maths tasks for Years 3 and 4. 



Today we are continuing the unit of work on famous buildings. Look at the slides for all the information you will need to carry out the tasks and worksheets.

When you do the challenge for this lesson, you can choose to do more than one challenge if you want. Some media that you can use are: paint, colouring pencils, watercolour pencils or paints or felt tip pens.