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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Re-read Chapter 2:


The Abominables by Eva Ibbotson (9781407132976/Paperback) | LoveReading (


Chapter 2 - The Abominables - YouTube


Imagine that you are Agatha.

Write a diary entry from the day when she tells the Yetis that they must stay safely hidden.

Think about:

What happened that day?

How did Lady Agatha feel and why did she feel like that?

What was Lady Agatha concerned about?

Tips for writing a diary. - Write in first person (you are Agatha). - Write events that have happened that day in chronological (time) order. - Include how you (Agatha) are feeling about the things that have happened and about what you (Agatha) think might happen if the yetis don’t stay hidden. - Try to include some of the new words that you have explored this week.

Year 3 Maths


Today, you will be learning about pictograms. Watch this lesson first.


Spr3.6.1 - Interpret pictograms on Vimeo

Year 4 Maths


Today, you are comparing area. There are two video lessons for you to watch. You can watch both of them or just choose one.


Calculate and compare the area of rectangles using square centimetres (cm²) (


Spr4.4.4 - Comparing area on Vimeo



Today you will be seeing if you can work out what religion the person buried at Sutton Hoo followed and you will explore the spread of Christianity in Britain. Read the slides before you do the task sheets.


Question Sheet A: Use the Fact Cards to look for the facts you need to answer the questions. 

Question Sheet B: Use the Fact Cards to look for the facts you need to answer the questions. 


Extra Challenge


What objects are important to you?

What grave goods would you include in your grave?

What objects could you include that would tell the archaeologist about you and the time you lived in?

Draw pictures and label on worksheet 6A.