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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Do you know the story of Robin Hood? Watch this film clip which summarises the story of Robin Hood:


Robin Hood | LearnEnglish Kids | British Council


Now watch The Legend of Robin Hood and have a go at the quiz on the website underneath the clip:


The legend of Robin Hood - BBC Bitesize


What do you know about Robin Hood after watching the film clips? Read the following story about one of the adventures of Robin Hood (This text may contain some American spellings. When you write try to use English spellings):


New Bedtime Story: Robin Hood and the Golden Arrow. A Legend Story. (


Think about all you have found out about Robin Hood. Create a poem about him. Choose either an acrostic poem or a shape poem. Below are some examples of each to help you.


Examples of Shape Poems for Kids (


You could use the shape of an arrow or Robin Hood’s hat or something different relating to Robin Hood.


What are acrostic poems? - BBC Bitesize


You could use the words ROBIN HOOD or SHERWOOD FOREST or any other words that you think are suitable about Robin Hood.

Year 3 Maths


Here is the link for yesterday's lesson if you need to recap dividing by a 1-digit number before having a go at the worksheets. 


Dividing by a one digit number (no regrouping) (

Year 4 Maths


Here is the link for yesterday's video lesson. You may want to watch it again to recap before you go to the worksheets.


Solving three 1 digit multiplication equations (

Science-Human Anatomy


In this lesson, you will learn about the circulatory system. You will also focus on the contents of blood, the types of blood vessels, and how the heart works.


How is oxygen transported around our bodies? (


Here is an extra worksheet for you to do:



On Thursday, there is a Science challenge. To help you with this lesson, here is a list of materials that you will need if you decide to take up the challenge:


Cardboard ( thicker brown cardboard, eg. a delivery box will be better but not essential)

Sticky tape

Glue (it says hot glue but this is not necessary. If you have a stronger glue that Pritt, that would be okay)



Rubber bands