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To aspire to being outstanding in everything we do by always aiming higher.

"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16




Read and listen on YouTube to Chapter Five - Arthur’s Good Idea (from 24:00 – 30:28mins):


Here is the link again: 


Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown - YouTube


After reading this chapter, discuss/think about how Arthur helped Stanley.

Write a set of instructions for how to help Stanley get back to himself.

Use these sentence starters to help:

First of all…


After that…


Don’t forget to…


If it hasn’t worked then try…

Remember to…


Check all sentences for spelling and punctuation.



Now discuss and consider other ideas to help Stanley return to himself if he becomes flat again! Write some more instructions just in case!

Year 3 Maths


Today's lesson is about related multiplication and division facts. here is a video lesson for you to watch. 

Deriving new facts from multiplication facts (


When you have watched the lesson, go to the worksheet and have a go at the questions.

Year 4 Maths


Today's lesson follows on from yesterday about the 7 times table. If you want to watch the video lesson again, here is the link:


Representing the seven times table (

Geography-Building Locational Knowledge


Today is the last lesson in this unit of work. You have already looked at the geography of the other countries of the United Kingdom. Now it is England's turn!


What is the geography of England? (