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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Follow the link below and listen to Chapter Four-The Museum Thieves.


Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown - YouTube


After reading this chapter, discuss what happened together. Start to think about creating a newsflash script for Flat Stanley and the museum chapter. See below a newsflash example from Sesame Street to help with ideas as to how to create a newsflash:


Sesame Street: Humpty Dumpty's Fall | Kermit News - YouTube


Use these sentence starters to help write your newsflash:

Good morning and welcome to….

Today we have some breaking news about…

Flat Stanley is a hero because…

He helped the museum owner by…

Flat Stanley is here now to explain what happened…


Write your interview with Flat Stanley


Thank you very much for helping the police.

That’s all for now… etc.


Extension Task

Perform and record your own newsflash.

Year 3 Maths


Watch the video lesson to help you with today's lesson.


Exploring division strategies (

Year 4 Maths


Here is a video lesson to help you with today's Maths lesson:


Representing the seven times table (



Here is this week's Music link from Mrs Thornton.


Ten Pieces Tasters - BBC Teach


Write a rhyming couplet and turn it into a work of art with writer and artist Angry Dan.

It is the 2nd piece on the page.



Here is the link to PH Sports for this week's lesson. You should be able to follow the link to the week three lesson for KS2.


Resources for Schools | PH Sports 




Mrs Thornton has sent a link for a song that you can watch and enjoy. Have a go at learning it.


KS1 / KS2 MFL: French greetings with Ben Shires - BBC Teach