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"Let your light shine in all you say and do" Matthew 5:16



Flat Stanley - Chapter Two

Listen on YouTube to Chapter Two - Being Flat.


Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown - YouTube


After looking at/listening to this chapter, pretend you are Stanley and write a letter to your friend.

Describe orally all the things that have happened to you so far as if you were Stanley before you write. Make sure you set out your letter correctly.

Use these sentence starters/ideas to help write your letter, e.g.


You won’t believe…

Yesterday, I was…

Everyone in my house thought…

Today, I have…

It was…

I felt…

I wonder what will happen tomorrow.

Please write back!

From Stanley

Check all your sentences for spelling and punctuation.

Year 3 Maths


Today you will be continuing problem solving using multiplication and division. Try to remember what you have learned this week to help you with today's task.

Year 4 Maths

Watch this video lesson about the nine times table before you do today's task.


The nine times table (

Geography-Building Locational Knowledge


Today, you will be continuing lessons about the United Kingdom. This lesson is about Northern Ireland. In this lesson, you will recap your knowledge of the seven continents, and locate the UK on a world map. You will then zoom into Northern Ireland and look at the different human and physical geographical features. You will then think about urban and rural land use in Northern Ireland, as well as in your local area! Follow the link below to take part in the lesson.


What is the geography of Northern Ireland? (

Young Naturalist Award


We have been sent this from Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and thought that you might like to do some of the activities on the document. You can send any of your work on this to an address given on the document.