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At Wylye Valley Primary School, we have a suite with 25 desktop computers that the children have access to.  Recently, to complement these, we also purchased 15 iPad tablets.  We intend to run desktop computers alongside tablet technology as this allows children to experience a range of different hardware and software, with the ability to develop appropriate skills across a range of technology.  In addition to using the touchscreen technology offered by the tablets, they will also learn to use the keyboard and mouse of a desktop computer, and as they become computer literate will be able to select the most suitable technology to complete a task or learning objective.

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Since Easter 2015, we have invested substantially in the technology that we have at school.

We have successfully completed the following:

   - Upgraded all of the existing desktop computers to run Windows 7 (rather than WIndows XP)

   - Added a SSD hard drive to each computer to improve performance

   - Upgraded the main server that runs the whole school system

   - Installed wifi across the whole school site

   - Purchased 15 iPads


We are grateful for the financial assistance received from the Wylye Valley School Association, the Ernest Cook Trust, The Medlock Charitable Trust and the Ernest & Marjorie Fudge Trust.  The CDs, DVDs and Games donated by children and parents also helped greatly as these also brought money into the fund-raising appeal.  The children will benefit greatly from your generosity.



iPad apps that we use in school 

Many parents have asked which apps we use in school.  The current apps that we have installed on the iPads are:


Sock puppets 


Flashcards +


Essential skeleton

Monster Hunt The Memory Game 


Lego movie maker


Post-it Plus


Green Screen


Home Design 3D

If you have any suggestions about apps that the children may benefit from, please let Mr Howarth know about them.